It’s been a few months, let’s catch up (:

Hey, everyone! Since it’s been quite a few months, I definitely think it’s time to catch up! How about a life update post? (: 



Where do I even start? My gosh. it’s been so long and i don’t even know what to tell ya first! Well, to start off, how was everyone’s summer?? I seriously can’t believe it’s over already, this summer went by so quick. I was super busy though, that’s probably why! In one of my last posts before I left for awhile, I told ya’ll I was movin’ to another city so that kept me occupied for quite awhile. So far, Cody and I have been here for 3 months and we love it! We came at the beginning of summer and all of our friends just moved up here recently a weekend or two ago since classes at Illinois State University started this past week. So with everyone up here all together again, my weekends have definitely been crazy and fun! 

Earlier this summer, Cody and I went on vacation to Myrtle Beach and it was the greatest time. Of course I made sure to snap some pictures for ya (: Check ’em out! 

It was big group of people fit into a relatively small vacation home for one week, but I had the greatest time with all of them. Myrtle Beach is one of my favorite vacation spots and I’m still recovering from beach separation anxiety even though it’s been a month or so since I’ve been back! haha It rained almost every day, but I had a blast. 

Once I got back from vacation, the job hunt started! Since I don’t start cosmetology school until January, I’ve definitely got a ton of free time, so the plan was to be working a lot. I struggled finding a job at first, but eventually something fell through for me and scored an interview and then later a job with Rue 21. It’s not much (and I’m getting a disappointing 7 or 8 hours a week) and I’m definitely not a retail kinda girl, but a job is a job. 

Okay, so yellow 100% is NOT my color, but it’s whatever haha These are the back to school shirts we’re all required to wear and the only size they had left for me was a large. Yeah, not cute! I look like a giant banana. 

And to top it all off, yesterday was National Dog Day, so I hope you guys wished your fur babies a happy dog day! This is my little lovebutt, Lacie. Love her puppy smile! Happy National Dog Day to my other babies as well: Little Bit, Mikey, Doodle Bug, and Lucy! Love ’em ❤ 

If ya’ll did anything fun this summer and wrote a post about it, definitely tag me in it down below so I can go check it out! Even if you did nothing too exciting, comment below and talk to me anyway (: I’ve missed you guys! With the Emmy’s and the VMA’s being all less than a week ago, I’ll have some makeup and beauty related posts back up soon, as well as an update on some other things I wanna share with you guys that I didn’t get a chance to mention here. As always, don’t forget to like this post and be sure to give me blog a follow for more from me (: I’d love to hear from ya! Until next time ❤ 

All my love,

Megan ❤ 

The Sunshine Award Nomination & Thank You! (:

Good morning, everyone! Happy Friday! I hope ya’ll have some fun things planned this weekend! I have a busy one ahead of me (but what’s new, right? haha). Today is my mom’s birthday, so we’re going to be out celebrating tonight, tomorrow I have wedding #2 of this summer to go to, and then on Sunday I’ll be driving back up to my apartment and then hopefully gettin’ some time in there to film a quick look around my apartment video for ya! As much as I would like a weekend to just chill and relax, I do enjoy my busy ones (:

I have some makeup reviews to get up for you guys, as well as a product update, but today I have something else to do. I was nominated last week for the Sunshine Award (my 5th nomination! Woooow!), and I figured what better way to celebrate Friday than with an award nomination and thank you? I was nominated by the beautiful and so so kind Natasha over at and, I know I’ve said this about her before, but I don’t mind saying it again: go visit her blog! She gives the greatest makeup and beauty tips, tutorials, and reviews and she’s always ready to talk with you and answer any questions! She goes out of her way to be kind to every single person that comments and I absolutely love that about her! I promise that you’ll adore her just as much as I do!


The Rules

1) Display the award logo to your blog
2) Show appreciation by acknowledging the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post (see above)
3) Share 7 random, interesting things about yourself
4) Nominate up to 15 bloggers you admire and happily pass on this award, making sure to link their blog into your post
5) Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

My incredible nominees are:

If you are looking for fun posts, amazing tips, great pictures, and genuinely sweet people, then go check out any and all of these above blogs! I’ve made a connection with some of these people personally, others I just really enjoy their blog, but no matter what, I know you won’t regret goin’ to check ’em out, you’ll love them too!

7 Random Facts About Me

1) I will be going to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina exactly one month from now!

2) I haaate reading. I’ll be the first to admit that. But I’m currently in the process of reading all of Stephen King’s books and I’m on “Cell” right now. I’m obsessed with him! His books are so amazing that, when I pick one up and start reading, hours could fly by when I look at the clock.

3) Maybe it’s just because I grew up in Texas, but sweet tea will always be my drink of choice.

4) I don’t eat like a “typical girl.” I’d much prefer a loaded burger with fries over a salad and I can out-eat almost anyone when it comes to pizza! Sometimes that makes me feel extremely awkward when I’m out with a big group and all the girls order soups or salads. But then I realize that I don’t really give a shit and order myself that burger anyway!

5) My favorite dog breeds are Pit Bulls and Pit mixes. I think they’re so beautiful and so misunderstood. But there’s really not a dog that I don’t absolutely love!

6) On my third day of driving with my license, I ran over a kitten. I thought it was a plastic bag in the street, so I didn’t slow down. I had to pull over because I was crying so hysterically I couldn’t even drive anymore. haha

7) I love people! Even when I was younger, I would go up and talk to just about anyone. It’s by the grace of God that I never got kidnapped haha There are no strangers to me, just friends waiting to be made. I have a naturally outgoing personality and that’s one of my favorite things about myself.

(Check out my About Me blog post to get to know me even better! Be sure to comment on there if you did an About Me post as well, I’d love to read it!)

I just wanna give a huge thanks to Natasha again for thinking of me and nominating me! I can’t believe this is my 5th award already! Each one means so much to me. Ya’ll are so amazing for reading and following my blog and there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not so appreciative of it! I hope ya’ll have awesome weekends and I’ll talk to ya later!

XOXO, Megan ❤

Outfit of the Day!

Morning, everyone! Even though this week has been pretty much extremely awful because my four legged best friend had to be put down on Monday, I’m stressed out about moving into my new apartment this weekend, and I just am not feeling like my self right now, life still goes and I still have work. haha So, even though I don’t really feel up to posting an in-depth beauty post today, the least I can do is get up my Outfit of the Day for ya.

ImageBlue Floral Print Dress: American Eagle (I got it in, I believe, 8th grade, so it’s defiantly not in stores currently!)

Jean Jacket: Macy’s

White Sandals: Charlotte Russe

I chose to wear this outfit today because it’s easy to throw together and the bright colors make me a happy (which I could 100% use right now). I love the bold print of this dress, it’s so summery and perfect for this season! I haven’t worn this dress in a few years actually, so when I found it in the back of my closet, I knew that I just needed to wear it! It’s so cute and comfy. I look forward to bringing this with me on my vacations this summer!

Hope ya’ll enjoyed this quick post that I got up for ya today. I’ll be suuuuuper busy on Friday and all this weekend with moving in, cleaning, driving, etc, so this is the last post I’ll get up for a few days. I’ll still reply to comments on here and I know a few of ya are friends with me on Facebook already, but feel free to send me a request! I post there everyday and you’ll get to see the real me that way as well. Click here for that: Talk to ya’ll later! Have great weekends!

XOXO, Megan ❤

P.S: In my last post, I had talked with ya’ll about me possibly starting to do some videos for ya, as well as written blogs. I’ve decided that would be fun for me and I’m currently in the process of figuring out what camera to get, what editing software to use, etc. So if any of ya’ll have any suggestions or tips concerning that, please let me know! I would love your feedback and help!

Poolside Makeup Routine!

Hey, everyone! I hope ya’ll had an awesome weekend! I had sucha fun and relaxing one spent outside enjoying the beautiful central Illinois weather swimming all weekend! While I would love to be one of those girls that can just go swimming completely natural without a drop of makeup on, that’s just not possible for me (check out my problem skin post here: ). My skin is so damaged and scarred that I just feel so much more comfortable with a little bit of coverage on when hitting the pool. So my post today is for you ladies who feel the same way I do. Check out my poolside makeup routine below!  

Photo: this dude. 😎

Obviously, I had to get a selfie for ya. haha This is my guy, Cody, and I! I wish I would have taken a picture more close up of my swim suit to share with ya’ll. I got it from Target for under $15 (really!) and I almost always get all of my swim suites from there! They have such an awesome selection full of different types of swim suites so everyone is sure to find something they love and feel comfortable in.



Now on to the fun stuff: the makeup! First things first, you need to get yourself a good base, a good foundation. Obviously, for days when you’ll be outside sweating or swimming, a primer is necessary, but there’s so many out there for all different kinds of skin tones and problems, it’s hard for me to recommend just a generic one for everybody. I use Bare Minerals Oil Control primer, but that’s just me. Foundation, on the other hand, I swear by this Revelon ColorStay Whipped Foundation! I talk about this with you guys all the time and I’ll say it again: this stuff is amazing. I’m on my third jar and probably won’t be switching up my foundations any time soon! This stuff is perfect for pool days outside because it does just what it says it will: it stays! This is available at any drugstore for around $11.






I defiantly don’t want any bold lip color if I’m gonna be splashin’ around and sweating all day. The last thing I wanna worry about is fading and smearing lip color. For warm days mixed with chlorine which can be extra drying, you need something that’s going to be moisturizing so I defiantly recommend (and use myself!) these Maybelline Baby Lips! They give you sheer color with tons of moisture. Plus the color and the packaging just screams summer time! You can find these at any drugstore as well as Ulta for under $5.  




Obviously, sweat-proofing your makeup is a must! To do that, you need to use a setting powder of some sort. This Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is awesome because it sets everything so beautifully without any of the cakiness that can sometimes come with other powders. This powder never fades, smudges, cakes, or creases and it keeps the shine at bay all day. You can buy this at any drugstore for under $5. 





And the best for last? A setting spray! This Ben Nye Final Seal Setting Spray is my holy grail setting spray and it’s one of my holy grail beauty products in general. I do not know how I lived without this magical stuff before and I don’t plan on ever giving it up! I’m not going to get too much into it because I’ve done a whole blog post on it before ( ) and I rave about it constantly, but just know that you NEED this in your life. Especially for summer! Even through sweating and swimming, my makeup stayed right in place and never faded, even on my oily skin! You need to check this stuff out. I promise!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this kinda quick post and I hope it helped some of ya’ll out! If you have any questions about anything I talked about or anything else, just ask me in the comments below! I get all my notifications sent right to my phone so I answer right away (: If you loved this post, don’t forget to like it and then give me a follow if you aren’t already for more posts like this! Thanks so much for hanging out with me today and I’ll talk to ya’ll later!

XOXO, Megan ❤ 

Gotta Have It or Live Without It: Nyx Matte Lipstick

Hi, everyone! I’ve got a Gotta Have It or Live Without makeup review for ya tonight! It’s over the Nyx Matte Lipstick line (:


When summer finally rolls around, that’s when bright, colorful makeup comes into play! I especially love experimenting with bold lip colors during the warmer months. But between the summer heat and humidity, drinking and eating, talking and laughing, swimming and sweating… it’s almost impossible to find a lip color that last through all of that. I had pretty much given up all hope on finding a lipstick that lasts and settled on just wearing basic lip balm all summer. Don’t get me wrong, lip balm is fantastic and I still do wear it everyday when I’m doing a lot less makeup. But for parties, nights out, and special events, I still need myself a great lip color that won’t fade, smear, or smudge! That’s where this Nyx Matte Lipstick line comes in (:

I had just recently used this lipstick line for the first time only about two weeks ago. I wore this gorgeous deep red color to my cousin’s wedding. I applied it before I left and tucked it away in my clutch ready to constantly reapply like I’d done with every other lipstick in the history of ever. But through pictures, eating dinner, chowing down on dessert, drinking, talking, and laughing, it never faded. That’s absolutely incredible, so let me say that again in case you didn’t quite catch that… THIS LIPSTICK NEVER FADED. Like, never. It never faded. Through out the whoooole night, it still looked as perfect as when I first put it on! Can we all just take a second and fan-girl together? I only reapplied ONCE the whole entire day. ONCE. JUST ONCE! And that time wasn’t really even that bad, I just wanted a little bit more color intensity for pictures. Other than that, I was free to forget about my lips for the rest of the night because I had no doubt it wouldn’t fail me! It was pretty magical. haha

Nyx Matte Lipsticks come in a cute, little black tube like you see above with a clear part so you can tell your colors apart. The thing I love most about this lipstick is that gorgeous matte finish it has. I love shine just like the next girl and the fun thing about this line is that, with the matte finish, you can build your lip gloss on top if you so please. But I didn’t use any gloss at the wedding and still got tons of compliments.

Final verdict? GOTTA HAVE IT! This isn’t even a “ehhh. it’s alright.” This is a 100%, head over heels in love, I completely, totally, and wholeheartedly NEED this product in my life! I have no idea how I survived without this being in my beauty routine before. haha Nyx Matte Lipsticks are available wherever Nyx products are sold and I picked mine up at Ulta for less than $5! I’ve only used it a few times, so maybe it’s too soon to claim this, but I’m pretty positive I’ve found my holy grail lipstick. Please, trust me on this, you NEED this in your life! Promise!

XOXO, Megan ❤

Outfit of the Day!

Hey, everyone! I’ve just got a quick Outfit of the Day post for ya (: Check it out!


High-Low Skirt: American Eagle

Cobalt Blue Zipper Back Tank Top: American Eagle

Shrunken Denim Vest: Macy’s

Gold Embellished Flip Flops : Forever 21

Major mistake I made today wearing this: it was crazy windy outside today! I definitely had myself a little Marilyn Monroe moment in the parking lot of my work… my skirt decided it wanted to fly up and attack my face. Thankfully enough, no one was around and crisis was averted. hahah

Moral of the day? Don’t wear skirts when it’s windy. Girl Code.

XOXO, Megan ❤

Common Summer Beauty Blunders: SOLVED!

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope ya’ll had a great week and have some fun plans for the weekend coming up! It’s graduation season, wedding season, and of course, summer is so close! I can’t wait. Sometime next week I’ll be doing a post about summer makeup, but today, I’ve got a post all about some common summer beauty blunders. I, likely along with many of you, am an allergy sufferer. If you have allergies, you can sympathize with me. If not… count your blessings because it’s like having a 4 month long cold. haha So, some of these beauty problems revolve around that, but many more of them are just every day makeup fixes. The fun thing is, all of these actually have really simple answers to them! So perfect makeup is not too far away (: Check ’em out!

Under Eye Circles/Puffiness: If you have allergies, you may find this is a common problem for you. This is also a problem for those of you who have early jobs or don’t get enough sleep at night, and it can even be hereditary (thanks, mom!). You know how in movies when girls go to the spa, they place cucumbers over their under eyes? That’s because it actually works! Alright, putting cucumbers on your eyes: extremely impractical. But, before you go to bed at night, just pop two spoons in the freezer, take them out in the morning, hold them on your under eyes until they’re room temp, and the puffiness will be gone! If this isn’t enough for ya, just go to your local drugstore and buy and under eye roller (one of these long tube thingys with the metal ball on the end… real technical description, I know). The cool metal combined with the rolling will help get rid of any puffiness!

Running Eye Makeup: If you haven’t had this problem in the summer, I envy you! But it’s such an easy fix. All ya gotta do is take a concealer brush and run a dab of concealer right under where your eyeliner is. This will keep any dripping, fading, smudging, or smearing at bay. Using waterproof eye makeup during the warmer months is a must-have too. This tip works great for days spent outside in the humidity or outdoor weddings!

Makeup Caking Up: This used to be a major problem for me. What I did to fix it, though, is after I’m dong applying my foundation, I take a clean tissue (paper towel will work too), and blot it over my face, concentrating on the areas that cake up the most: between eye brows, around nose, around lips, etc. You’ll be so surprised at all the excess makeup you just mopped up! It really is that simple to fix (:

PMS Breakouts: Okay, ya’ll, this is a biiiig one for me. Ya know those freaking annoying zits that always, always, always pop up around that time of the month? Whether it be little ones or those huge monster colonies, you can somewhat prevent them. I say “somewhat” here because this mostly just has to do with hormones, but keeping up a good face cleaning regimen around that time will help significantly. One major thing you can do for this problem is extra exfoliating. This will help clear away the dead skin cells and dirt. But make sure you use extra moisturizer too! Find a good spot treatment and just ride it out. For me, birth control pills also helped, so if it’s a major problem for ya, be sure to talk to your dermatologist about all your options available.

Tired, Red Eyes: Less is more when it comes to this problem, so DON’T cake on the concealer and foundation. It will just be painfully obvious then. Apply your face and eye makeup like normal, and then put on a skin tone colored eye shadow (powder works best). This will take away any redness in your lid. After that, put on a tan colored or white eyeliner in your waterline. This will counteract with the redness in your eye and make your eye look bigger and more wide awake! Added bonus: if this is a daily, reoccurring problem for you, go out and buy some Visine for red eyes. Put some drops in every morning and the redness will go away.

Lipstick On Teeth: The creamier the lipstick, the more likely that it will smudge everywhere. Just clean your hands, pucker up your lips, stick your finger in, and pull it out! F.Y.I, this looks ridiculous, so do this step at home or in a bathroom. hahah All the lipstick that was on the inner parts of your mouth is now on your finger! You won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the night!

Fading Lip Color: Lipstick and glosses will fade. Just like death and taxes, it’s a sure part of life. There’s, of course, things you can do to make it last longer, but what I always recommend to people is that they just stick with a lip stain instead. Lip stains are pretty self-explanatory: they stain your lips! While you may still have to reapply, it will make the color last so much longer. My stains typically get me through a whole work day, I just reapply if I’m going out at night. Lip stains are one of my must-haves, they’re just so hassle free!

Noticeable Pores/Wrinkles: Two things I wanna tell ya for this one. Always use a primer… use it like your life depends on it, girl! Primer is just gonna go in and fill out any pores or wrinkles you have. The next fix for this is even easier: just use less powder! Powder will exaggerate the size of these common problems, so be weary of using too much. Use your powder to set and then use it for touch ups throughout the day if need be, but that should be it. Don’t put on 11 layers on it every morning. Confession: I used to do that. I used to put on so much powder, I looked fuzzy. Yeah, not cute.

Flyaways: This happens to the best of us. From time to time, we all tend to get those little, baby hairs that stick out just along our hair line. Just take a new toothbrush, spray some hair spray on it, and smooth those flyaways out! They’ll stay down all day. Just remember what tooth brush you use for this. If anyone’s ever accidentally kept your mouth open while hairspraying (No? That’s just a Megan Thing?), you know it tastes atrocious!

Greasy Hair: I know nothing about hair, I’ll be the first to happily admit that. In fact, touching other people’s hair is a sure-fire way to get me throw up all over your face. Not really, but I do totally hate it. It sincerely grosses me out. But this fun fact, I do know! Aside from using dry shampoo (it’s heaven sent!), just make sure you only apply your conditioner at the ends of your hair, where the damage is. Not at your roots! Besides making it greasy, conditioner at the roots weighs your hair down. You don’t need that!

That’s it for my common summer beauty blunders! I hope ya’ll enjoyed this post and I really hope it helps some of you ladies out as the weather starts to get warmer! If you enjoyed it, don’t forget to like it and be sure to follow my blog for more fun posts like this (: Thanks for spending some time with me today and I’ll talk to ya later!

XOXO, Megan ❤