Benefit Foundation Kit Review!

Hey, everyone! I hope ya’ll had fun and safe Labor Day weekends! I spent mine in Chicago for a Luke Bryan concert and it was awesome! Cole Swindel, Lee Brice, and Dierks Bentley were also performing that night, so it was full of country craziness. I loved it! Before we went to the concert though, we got to get in some good down town Chicago shopping and, of course, I had go stop in at every makeup and beauty store I passed. I used far too much money and bought way too many things, but hey. What’s life without shopping, right? (:

Anyway, I stopped in at a Sephora store, and I had been wanting to try Benefit’s Hello Flawless foundation for quite some time, so I went to go check that out. Over in the Benefit section, I found the cutest little foundation kit that included a sample size of the Hello Flawless foundation, plus some other goodies, for only $32 so I bought that instead just to kinda test-drive everything before going in and purchasing full size. It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a review for ya’ll, so today I’ve got a really in-depth review over the foundation kit for ya! Read on to see if it’s a match for you (: 

    three piece foundation set

Here’s a picture of the complete set for ya. This set is called the Benefit Flawless Complexion Makeup Kit and I got it in the shade medium (they also had light and dark). The box furthest to the left is the actual box everything came in, the one in the middle is the kit with everything inside, and then to the right is a little instruction manual. Even though everything is pretty self explanatory. haha 

far away set picture

When you flip the kit top back, this is everything that’s inside it. Up at the top, it has a little booklet on the best ways to apply and wear everything. It was pointless to me, but I think it would come in handy for a beginner or someone looking to really master their makeup skills. When I saw the actual kit part, I went a little girl crazy. The sample sizes are so teeny tiny and ADORABLE that I just can’t even. Yep, I’m speaking in fluent bitch voice right now. I literally cannot even. THEY ARE SO CUTE AND TINY. Cody didn’t understand my obsession, but I know ya’ll feel me. Everything is cuter when it’s in a mini version. Don’t even lie to me. 

foundation set

The main reason I purchased this was so I could try out a sample size of the Hello Flawless foundation before committing to a $40 full size bottle. But I’m also actually extremely excited to try out the Porefessional! Pores are a huuuge problem for me, so I’m eager to see if this will work (if any of ya’ll have tried it out, definitely shoot me a comment down below and tell me your thoughts!). Besdies the Porefessional and the foundation, this little kit also comes with Benefit’s Boi-ing concealers and a setting powder, as well as a mini brush to apply it with. The instruction booklet says that you’re supposed to mix both shades of the concealers to get your perfect match, but I actually really love the look of highlighted under eye areas, so I think I’ll test out the lightest one for that for sure. And I doubt if I’ll use the brush on a daily basis, but it’ll defiantly be awesome for travel. 

foundation swatch

This is a quick swatch of the foundation. Keep in mind that iPhone cameras aren’t the best things in the world so the coloring is a bit off! I think this color will go pretty well with my skin tone. It blended in beautifully and didn’t look too yellow or neutral so it will work for me. It has an odd scent to it, so I’m hoping that won’t be a problem when I go to actually apply it to my face. It blended out pretty sheer as well and, for someone like me with rosacea, sheer foundations don’t have enough coverage. I’m a little unsure about this Hello Flawless foundation right now, but we’ll see how it actually works out for me! 


And last but not least, here’s what the Boi-ing concealers look like up close. I think the colors are gonna be perfect me, so I’m eager to give that a try and I absolutely love love LOVE this little pull-out container they come in! Perfect for traveling and on days when I’m needing to touch up, I can just stick this in my purse and go! The formula is really creamy and rich and seems like it will blend wonderfully. Super excited to give these a try! 

All in all, I’m pretty excited to try everything out in this kit. There’s some products I’ve been wanting to try for awhile as well as some new ones and, if ya’ll know me, you KNOW I’m a sucker for cute packaging. And Benefit definitely got this one on point! When you’re finally done with everything in this kit, you can pull out the middle part and then you just have a cute, little storage box! I’m overly excited about that box. haha Of course, if ya’ll have used this kit or anything in it before, leave me a comment below and tell me all about it, whether it’s good or bad. I wanna know what I’m getting myself into! And once I’ve used everything for awhile, I’ll have an updated review for ya and a picture of what everything looks like on me personally. Keep a look out for that! As always, don’t forget to like this post and give me a follow for more beauty/makeup related posts like this one (: Thanks so much for hanging out with me for a little bit tonight and I’ll talk to ya’ll later! 

XOXO, Megan ❤ 


Product Update: Witch Hazel

Hey, everyone! I hope you’ve had an awesome weekend and are enjoying your Sundays so far! This is actually my second post of the day, but I’ve been meaning to get this product update post up for awhile and I had some extra time today to do it! My first post though is my first video upload ever and it’s a tour of my new apartment, it’s only about 6 minutes, so you’ll defiantly wanna go check that out! 



This is sucha horrible picture, I apologize, but I needed to take my own picture instead of just pulling one off of Google, you’ll see why here in a second! Since this is a product update, I won’t be getting too much into the actual description of Witch Hazel, so click on the this link right here: and that will take you directly to my first post where you can read all about my initial thoughts. 

Anyway, on to the actual product update now! I raved all about Witch Hazel in my first post and, even though I was pretty positive this product couldn’t get any better, it did. I’m crazy about it. This is my absolute holy grail product! As I mentioned in my first post, I still use this as a toner (since it is so watery, I combine it with just a dab of my moisturizer for a thicker consistency) and that’s the way that I would recommend you use it as well. It seems like every single day I notice some other way that Witch Hazel has changed my skin for the better. For one, I haven’t had a single breakout on my face since I’ve started using it. NOT A SINGLE ONE. This is a big one for me because I used to suffer horribly from cystic acne and hormonal breakouts and to finally have all that under control is like a breath of fresh air! Along with preventing breakouts, here’s what else Witch Hazel has done for me:

~minimized pores (yes, really!)

~evened out skin tone

~smoothed out skin

~got rid of some acne scars

~made skin more glowy 

~moisturized skin 

I know ya’ll are probably like, “There’s no way,” but I swear to you, all of the above is 100% true. For the acne scar one, I did say that it helped get rid of some acne scars because the scars that affect deeper layers of skin likely won’t be touched by anything other than cosmetic lasers or minor surgeries, but Witch Hazel defiantly lightens newer, smaller ones! And, the reason I had to take my own picture instead of getting one off Google is because I wanted to show ya’ll just how much of the Witch Hazel I’ve used. I’ve had this for a few months, I use it twice every single day, and I’ve only used a liiiiitle bit of it so far! Whaaat?! This is gonna last me so long, which is awesome because I never want it to go away! haha 

Basically, my skin has gone through a dramatic change for the better all because of this product. For me to continuously recommend and rave about a product means that it has to be pretty damn good to not get replaced. Witch Hazel is now a staple in my beauty routine, I can’t live without it! I think ya’ll need it in your life too (: 

As always, if you have any questions, just ask down below! I’ll get right back to ya. And don’t forget to check out my earlier video post showin’ ya’ll around my new apartment! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll talk to you later!

XOXO, Megan ❤ 


Gotta Have It or Live Without It: E.L.F Zit Zapper

Hi, everyone! So I recently had a Target and Ulta shopping spree buying more unnecessary things that I just don’t need! Yay! I went to Target a little over a week ago and I went to Ulta yesterday. If ya’ll wanna see a complete haul post, just let me know, but I plan on doing makeup reviews for most of the products, so you’ll get to see most of them anyway. Today is a Gotta Have It or Live Without It review over an E.L.F product that I purchased at Target.


I had already purchased a bunch of makeup and things and then I stumbled upon this right when I was about to leave. This is the E.L.F Zit Zapper. You can find it at any drugstore that sells E.L.F products. Cody tried to convince me not to buy it, but it was only $1 and my will power is extremely low when it comes to makeup… so I ended up buying it. haha Normally I like to use new products for two or three weeks before I give ya’ll a review over it, but I have some pretty strong feelings toward this product, so I needed to do it sooner!

As I mentioned, this is only $1. Before I snatched it up, I read the label to see what ingredients this had in it that supposedly causes it to zap zits, hence the name. It claims to be made of salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and witch hazel. Notice that I used the word “claimed.” I say that because there’s a 99.9% chance this product DOESN’T actually contain all that, and if it does, it doesn’t contain enough of those ingredients to actually do anything. But, nevertheless, little dumb me bought it anyway!

When I used it, I didn’t have any crazy zits on my face at all, but I wanted to use it anyway, so I found one teeny tiny, microscopic breakout on my forehead and used it there. Let me show you the #1 thing that I hate about this product….


Can you see that? That’s a little tiny roller ball that’s used to apply this liquid to your face. If that doesn’t scream ‘unsanitary,’ I’m not sure what does. I was grossed out immediately. The bacteria from any breakout that you use this on is just going to stick there and keep transferring on to all other places you decide to use this. It’s like a little bacteria garden. Disgusting. As if that wasn’t bad enough, this product 100% dried out my skin. I just applied it on that one spot and when I woke up in the morning, I discovered that breakout was still there, but everything around it was dry and flaking. Not fun.

Final Verdict? LIVE WITHOUT IT! Basically, it just dried out everything except what it was actually supposed to dry out. Zap zits? Uhmm, more like zap moisture outta your skin! I’m so not okay with that. After applying one of my favorite spot treatments and moisturizers, my little breakout was gone over night and my skin was back to normal. Feel free to purchase this and give it a try yourself, but use at your own risk and be ready with some great moisturizer come morning time!

If ya’ll are wanting to read more about my favorite spot treatments or my review on tea tree oil and witch hazel, just hop on over to the search bar on my blog, type it in, and learn all about it! Thanks so much for reading and I’ll talk to ya’ll later (:

XOXO, Megan ❤

My Favorite Spot Treatments!

Hey, everyone! Who’s ready for summer, because I sure as hell am! After the winter we all endured, some lovely weather is much anticipated by many of us. But warmer weather also brings it’s fair share of skin problems. With warmer air comin’ in, that means sweat, chlorine, salt water, dirt, and oily skin will be abundant throughout these next few months and, if you’re anything like me, that can sometimes mean some major breakouts. So today, I wanna help ya’ll avoid that a little bit by sharing with ya my favorite current spot treatments! But before you read the rest of this blog post, I need you to promise that you won’t laugh at me. hahah I can tell you guys that I’m a skin product hoarder all day, but you won’t truly understand until you see my “little” stash that I got goin’ on.


You guys are probably so embarrassed for me right now. haha You wanna know the craziest thing? I accumulated the vast majority of these spot treatments and acne fighters only during the last, like, two months. Kinda pathetic, I know. I swear, every single time I go into a store, I just cannot leave without getting a skin/face product! But hey, at least I know what works and what doesn’t, right? (Keep in mind as well that these are just my spot treatments… I have a whole other stock pile of face washes and scrubs. haha) Don’t worry, I’m not gonna bore you by talking about every single one of these products, I’m only gonna be talking about the bottom three today. I’ve also done reviews over the Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil, so I’ll link those reviews down below at the very end for ya to check out.


Out of all three of the spot treatments I showed above, this one is by far the most gentle. This is the Neutrogena On-The-Spot spot treatment and it’s available at any drugstore for around $5. I really enjoy this this product! It’s just a basic white cream, like most spot treatments are, and you just rub it in on the affected area. It instantly soothes any soreness. This product doesn’t typically yield quick, overnight results, but by the next morning, your breakout will be significantly less red and completely soothed. If you have overly reactive or sensitive skin, I think this is the product for you!


This spot treatment is also Neutrogena and this is their Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel. This product is pretty much a complete flip from the first Neutrogena product I showed ya! This is way more harsh and, instead of being a white cream, this is clear gel that you rub in. When using this product, expect a little bit of a kick after you rub it in. You’ll notice some tingles, but it shouldn’t hurt! So if it starts to burn you, defiantly go wash it off. With this one, while I wouldn’t say you’ll get overnight results, you’ll defiantly get fast results! So this would be perfect for someone who has a big event coming up and needs that breakout gone ASAP!


Last but not least is my beloved Clean and Clear Persa Gel 10! I have no idea what the name means, but I freaking love this stuff. It has all the gentleness of the On-The-Spot cream with the effectiveness of the Rapid Clear gel! Since this stuff is that white, cream consistency, I typically dab some on my breakout and don’t rub it in. I just leave it there overnight! In the morning, I wash it off and I notice major results! Either my breakout is gone or it’s gettin’ there! This product is also available at any drugstore for around $5, though if it was more expensive, I would still purchase it! This spot treatment is gonna be perfect for any skin type, from oily to dry!


I went ahead and modeled the Persa Gel 10 for ya. You’re welcome. hahah I don’t think it’s any secret that I don’t have great skin. In fact, it’s actually pretty horrendous. If ya’ll wanna see a picture of my skin all natural (you’ve been warned. haha), I’ll link that post down below as well. With my problematic skin, I tend to go through spot treatment after spot treatment, but these three that I listed below have done a really great job of keeping acne at bay! I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it helps some of ya! If you have any questions about any of these products or any of the other products shown in my picture, ask away! Don’t forget to like this post and give me a follow as well, I’m only 4 followers away from 100! (: Thanks so much for hanging out with me today, I’ll talk to you guys later!

Here are the three links to the things I mentioned during this post…

Tea Tree Oil:

Witch Hazel:

Natural Skin Blog Post:

XOXO, Megan (:


Gotta Have It or Live Without It: Dickenson’s Witch Hazel

Hey, everyone! I hope ya’ll had a fantastic weekend! I had sucha crazy one. My brother graduated from Illinois State University this weekend and then, of course, it was Mother’s Day on Sunday, so I’ve been celebrating all weekend! I actually haven’t even been on here in 3 or 4 days because I’ve been so busy. But I’m back and at it today with a Gotta Have It or Live Without It makeup review comin’ at cha!

Confession: I’m a face makeup/product hoarder. Foundations, concealers, face washes, exfoliating scrubs… you name it, I love it! And I’m willing to try anything at least once! Hey, all in the name of beauty, right? haha So, naturally, the product that I have for you today is Witch Hazel. The brand that I purchased (actually, the only brand I’ve ever seen) is Dickenson’s Witch Hazel. You can get it at any drugstore in the first aid isle and it comes in a biiiig see-through bottle. The product actually just looks like water, it’s just a clear liquid type thing. Because it is a water-type consistency, it’s impossible to use it as a spot treatment or anything like that. This is something you’ll have to rub in. The most popular use for Witch Hazel is as a toner, which is what I’ve been using it as. During the trial period that I’ve been tryin’ this product out, it’s replaced what I was using before, which was my Tea Tree Oil (see the full review on that in my April Favorites post, here: ).


Now, before I go on, we need to have a serious chat about something. If death had a scent, it would be Witch Hazel. I don’t know what it is with me and smelly products (Tea Tree Oil smells quite disgusting as well!), but I’ve pretty much grown used to them by now. The good thing about the smell? It’s not near as strong as the Tea Tree Oil is! Thank goodness.

Now on to the fun stuff! Besides the stench, this stuff is actually pretty rad. It’s super easy to use and gives amazing results. To use it as a toner, you can either pour some on a cotton pad and wipe it over your face or you can mix your moisturizer with it and rub it on your face that way. I’ve been applying it with my moisturizer. During the 2 weeks I’ve been using this product, I’ve actually noticed quite a difference in my skin! It cleared up any breakouts I had within a few days, soothed any soreness (this would be perfect for sunburns), and, dare I say it, I even believe that it’s minimized my pores! Maybe I’m just being wishful on that last point, but I’m pretty certain my pores have shrank. Another thing I love about Witch Hazel is that is so gentle. Some toners have the tendency to dry out skin and cause peeling, but I use this morning and night and my skin is always so fresh. I’ve never had a problem with harshness when using this! Keep in mind that I do have oily skin though, so if your skin is on the dry side, use with caution at first and then apply accordingly.

Final Verdict: GOTTA HAVE IT! I think Witch Hazel will work wonders for every skin type and I fully recommend it to everyone. Not to mention the prince is amazing at just $3! Don’t expect instant, overnight results with this, but you will start to see improvements within just a few days. It’s so gentle and leaves your skin with a fresh, glowing, clean feeling. Nothing is better than a clean feeling (:

If you’ve tried this before, be sure to comment down below and let me know what you think! As always, comment with any questions and be sure to give me a follow for more makeup and beauty related posts like this! Thanks for hanging out with me this morning and I’ll talk ya later!

XOXO, Megan (:


April Favorites! (:

Hey, everyone! Seriously, where has this month gone?? We’ve officially gotten to the last few days of April and you know what that means… an April Favorites blog post! Yay! I love doing monthly favorites because that’s when I get to gather up the products that I’ve been using almost daily and lovin’ all month long and I get to share them with you. Let’s get started!


Let me guess: you’re lovin‘ my professional photography, right? I’ve got this really awesome set up with my fluffy pink bath towels in the background. hahah Anyway, the first product I’ve been obsessed with this month is a new Biore face wash that I just recently picked up. This is the Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser. I don’t have combination skin (I have really oily skin actually), but I’ve never found a Biore product that I didn’t absolutely love, so I wanted to give this a shot! And I’m so glad I did. This is just your basic gel/liquid face wash, so you can use it as many times a day as you want since it doesn’t have exfoliating beads or any harsh acne-fighting agents in it. This face wash is sooo moisturizing, it’s insane. After you use this, you’ll notice an instant difference in you skin. It gives you this really refreshing, clean feeling, plus it smells great! You can get this anywhere that sells face washes and it’s for less than $5 (:


Again with my beautiful photography skills, are we noticing a common theme here? haha This is my Redken Mousse Whip and it’s actually made specifically for people with who have blonde dyed hair or blonde highlights. Shake this well before you use it and then distribute the mousse evenly throughout your damp hair, concentrating on your ends, where it tends to be the most dry and damaged. Brush through and then blow dry and style as usual! It has a really clean smelling citrus sent to it that I really enjoy. What this awesome product does is conditions your hair, prevents damage, and brings out the blonde coloring. My hair is always silky, smooth, and shiny after using this! Be sure that you don’t use too much product though because I did that when I used it for the first time and left this really gross residue in my hair. But once you figure out how much product you need, this is a true hair saver! I got this at my salon for $16.



This is one of my all-time favorite foundations in the history of ever. This is the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation and I’m head over heels in love (sorry, Cody!). Because of the mousse/whipped consistency, it can’t be put in a pump bottle, so Revlon has it in this little, clear jar instead. A lot of people tend to have a problem with that saying it takes up too much space, is hard to travel with, or whatever, but I actually love the jar! I think it’s cute and looks pretty sitting on my vanity. Plus, it’s really easy to tell when you need more. I have problem skin, I’m not afraid to be the first to admit that (check out my ‘Problem Skin to Flawless Skin’ post that I did back a few weeks ago!) and this foundation covers up all my marks and scars beautifully. It’s so easy to blend out, never looks cakey, and stays on my face all day without getting shinny, which is a big plus for me. This applies best with a beauty blender or brush and gives you this really flawless, perfect finish. I got this at Walmart for $11 and I’m already on my third jar! Forever obsessed.<3


This is a product that’s somewhat unfamiliar to a lot of people. This is Tea Tree Oil and it’s just the Walgreen’s brand, but they all come in a little, brown jar like this one. You’ll find it in the first-aid section. Tea Tree Oil is used for alotta things, but I’ve been using it as a spot treatment and toner. Now, let me just say something real quick, this stuff stinks. Like, it has a vomit-inducing stench. It’s actually pretty horrendous and almost unbearable. One drop is going to stink up your whole apartment/house and make it smell like you’ve been hiding the dead carcass of little Johnny next door for the past 5 months. It smells. Are we on the same page now? hahah I would never use this stuff again if it didn’t give me such amazing results. Your blemish will be gone (or drastically less noticeable) by morning. I swear it to you. Once I had cleared up all of the little breakouts I had (I can thank my period for that), I began using it as a toner. I pumped some of my Olay moisturizer in my palm, added 3 or 4 drops of the Tea Tree Oil, mixed together, and applied all over my face. I haven’t had a breakout since! I believe it was around $11 and this quickly became one of my holy grail products (:


hahahah Okay, you guys. I’m aware this isn’t a beauty product. But, world, meet Rixton. I’m HUGE when it comes to pop culture and music and I know a good band when I hear ’em. These guys are new on the music scene, but you’ve probably heard their first single ‘Me and My Broken Heart.’ They’re an awesome band, plus, I’m not even gonna lie to you, I find them quite attractive. haha Go check ’em out!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed my April Favorites and I hope you’ll go out and purchase some of these products for yourself! Then maybe you’ll become as obsessed with some of these as me! It was awesome talkin’ to ya for a little bit today and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

XOXO, Megan (: