Benefit Foundation Kit Review!

Hey, everyone! I hope ya’ll had fun and safe Labor Day weekends! I spent mine in Chicago for a Luke Bryan concert and it was awesome! Cole Swindel, Lee Brice, and Dierks Bentley were also performing that night, so it was full of country craziness. I loved it! Before we went to the concert though, we got to get in some good down town Chicago shopping and, of course, I had go stop in at every makeup and beauty store I passed. I used far too much money and bought way too many things, but hey. What’s life without shopping, right? (:

Anyway, I stopped in at a Sephora store, and I had been wanting to try Benefit’s Hello Flawless foundation for quite some time, so I went to go check that out. Over in the Benefit section, I found the cutest little foundation kit that included a sample size of the Hello Flawless foundation, plus some other goodies, for only $32 so I bought that instead just to kinda test-drive everything before going in and purchasing full size. It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a review for ya’ll, so today I’ve got a really in-depth review over the foundation kit for ya! Read on to see if it’s a match for you (: 

    three piece foundation set

Here’s a picture of the complete set for ya. This set is called the Benefit Flawless Complexion Makeup Kit and I got it in the shade medium (they also had light and dark). The box furthest to the left is the actual box everything came in, the one in the middle is the kit with everything inside, and then to the right is a little instruction manual. Even though everything is pretty self explanatory. haha 

far away set picture

When you flip the kit top back, this is everything that’s inside it. Up at the top, it has a little booklet on the best ways to apply and wear everything. It was pointless to me, but I think it would come in handy for a beginner or someone looking to really master their makeup skills. When I saw the actual kit part, I went a little girl crazy. The sample sizes are so teeny tiny and ADORABLE that I just can’t even. Yep, I’m speaking in fluent bitch voice right now. I literally cannot even. THEY ARE SO CUTE AND TINY. Cody didn’t understand my obsession, but I know ya’ll feel me. Everything is cuter when it’s in a mini version. Don’t even lie to me. 

foundation set

The main reason I purchased this was so I could try out a sample size of the Hello Flawless foundation before committing to a $40 full size bottle. But I’m also actually extremely excited to try out the Porefessional! Pores are a huuuge problem for me, so I’m eager to see if this will work (if any of ya’ll have tried it out, definitely shoot me a comment down below and tell me your thoughts!). Besdies the Porefessional and the foundation, this little kit also comes with Benefit’s Boi-ing concealers and a setting powder, as well as a mini brush to apply it with. The instruction booklet says that you’re supposed to mix both shades of the concealers to get your perfect match, but I actually really love the look of highlighted under eye areas, so I think I’ll test out the lightest one for that for sure. And I doubt if I’ll use the brush on a daily basis, but it’ll defiantly be awesome for travel. 

foundation swatch

This is a quick swatch of the foundation. Keep in mind that iPhone cameras aren’t the best things in the world so the coloring is a bit off! I think this color will go pretty well with my skin tone. It blended in beautifully and didn’t look too yellow or neutral so it will work for me. It has an odd scent to it, so I’m hoping that won’t be a problem when I go to actually apply it to my face. It blended out pretty sheer as well and, for someone like me with rosacea, sheer foundations don’t have enough coverage. I’m a little unsure about this Hello Flawless foundation right now, but we’ll see how it actually works out for me! 


And last but not least, here’s what the Boi-ing concealers look like up close. I think the colors are gonna be perfect me, so I’m eager to give that a try and I absolutely love love LOVE this little pull-out container they come in! Perfect for traveling and on days when I’m needing to touch up, I can just stick this in my purse and go! The formula is really creamy and rich and seems like it will blend wonderfully. Super excited to give these a try! 

All in all, I’m pretty excited to try everything out in this kit. There’s some products I’ve been wanting to try for awhile as well as some new ones and, if ya’ll know me, you KNOW I’m a sucker for cute packaging. And Benefit definitely got this one on point! When you’re finally done with everything in this kit, you can pull out the middle part and then you just have a cute, little storage box! I’m overly excited about that box. haha Of course, if ya’ll have used this kit or anything in it before, leave me a comment below and tell me all about it, whether it’s good or bad. I wanna know what I’m getting myself into! And once I’ve used everything for awhile, I’ll have an updated review for ya and a picture of what everything looks like on me personally. Keep a look out for that! As always, don’t forget to like this post and give me a follow for more beauty/makeup related posts like this one (: Thanks so much for hanging out with me for a little bit tonight and I’ll talk to ya’ll later! 

XOXO, Megan ❤ 


Summer Look of the Week: Hayden Panettiere!

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope ya’ll are havin’ a great day and have some fun plans this weekend! Wedding season is upon us, so I have another wedding event to go to this weekend. I’m excited, but I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna be all wedding-ed out by the end of this summer haha With the summer heat really starting to pick up, I’ve got summer makeup looks on my mind today, so naturally, I think it’s time for another Look of the Week! This week I’m featuring the lovely and oh so flawless Hayden Panettiere!


This girl can rock natural makeup like it’s no one’s business. I choose this particular look because I thought it would be perfect for those warm summer nights! It’s nothing too crazy, but she still looks put together and stunning. Read on to see what products I would recommend in order to recreate this same look!


If you notice in the above picture, Hayden just appears to be glowing from within. She’s got this really radiant, beautiful shimmer to her that I just adore for the warmer months. It looks healthy and natural! If you want this same glow, let me introduce you to your new best friend: L’Oreal Lumi Foundation. It’s almost like this foundation has a highlight in it which just accentuates and brings out the natural glow that you already have. The sun reflects off of this so beautifully that those guys at the beach aren’t gonna be able to keep their eyes off of ya! You’re welcome (;


For this look, I really wanna emphasize natural, dewy looking skin, rather than a strong, matte face, so you’ll need a highlight for this as well. I 100% recommend using the Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser. Just find the shade that matches your skin the closest and then go bout 2 to 3 shades lighter to find your perfect highlight. For me, it’s the lightest color this line has to offer. Yay for being pale! You’ll then apply this underneath your eyes, down the center of your nose, in the middle of your chin, and in the middle of your forehead. Blend the highlight out and you’ll instantly notice a more awake, glowy look on your skin.


When doing natural makeup, one of the most important things you can do is apply a good, pigmented blush. Applying a pink-y blush right on the apples of your cheeks (then blend it outward, toward your ear) is gonna give you this really beautiful color and wake up your whole face. I recommend Milani’s Baked Blush line. These blushes have color plus shimmer plus bronzing in them to give you the most natural color possible. In the picture for Hayden’s look, the thing I was most drawn to was her blush. Just imagine her look without it: she wouldn’t look nearly as alert, healthy, or radiant. Blush really does make that big of a difference.


Hayden’s makeup artist just gave her a really soft lip look. Feel free to use a neutral lipstick and gloss, but honestly, all that I would use is a lip balm with a little color and shimmer in it. If you haven’t already tried the Maybelline Baby Lips line, you’re seriously missing out! They moisturize, give you the perfect amount of color and shine, plus, you can’t even tell me the packaging isn’t freaking adorable. Stop it, Maybelline. Just stop it. You’re killin’ me.


Last but not least: the eyes. If you want something a little more dramatic, then go ahead and go in with liner and neutral colored eye shadow. But for a natural summer look, I typically just go in with some mascara and call it a day. When you’re not doing liner, it’s important that you find a great mascara so your eyes don’t get lost on your face. Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara is a heaven sent for those of you who are like me… lacking those long, voluptuous eye lashes! This mascara really does what it claims it will. It makes you appear like you’re wearing falsies! This doesn’t streak, fade, clump, or fall throughout the day for me and I haven’t heard any complaints from many others either, so this is a safe bet. Plus, Ulta just started carrying Benefit products so this is more readily available now (:

I have oily skin, so I would need to finish this look off with some powder and then go back in with a setting spray to assure that everything will stay during the day. Do whatever you feel most comfortable with, but I do always recommend using something to set everything with. I know Mac has some really gorgeous setting powders, but I’m not too picky with that so I just use some drugstore powder! Use what you love (: Also, this look is pretty versatile… if you want more bronzing, add more! If you want more dramatic eye makeup, add more! If you want more lip color, add more! You get what I’m saying? haha That’s the glory of natural makeup. You can do virtually whatever you want with it!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed reading this summer inspired Look of the Week post and if you have any questions about anything, ask away! Don’t forget to like and then give me a follow for more posts like this! Thanks so much for hanging out with me this morning and I’ll talk to ya’ll later! Enjoy your Friday!

XOXO, Megan ❤





Gotta Have It or Live Without It: Maybelline Gel Liner

Hi, Everyone! Happy Friday! It’s also my birthday today! Ya know, it’s funny though, the older I get, the less I care.. and I’m not even that old. haha I opened my presents from Cody last night, I’m opening more tonight, and then tomorrow I’m having a party with my family, so what I planed on doing was just waiting until I open everything and then doing a little birthday haul post for you guys. I get a lot of makeup and clothes, so I figured that’d be fun to share! I’ll have that up by Sunday (: Anyway, today though, I have a ‘Gotta Have It or Live Without It’ review, so let’s get started!


This is the Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner and I believe it comes in black, brown, and maybe a navy or dark purple. You can find it any drugstore, as well as Ulta for around $5. I have one in black, though I’ve been meaning to pick up the one in brown for a while just because sometimes I prefer a softer look. I know that gel liner can sometimes be extremely intimidating, especially to people who are new to makeup. But, even as scary as it may seem, I think gel liner is easiest, most fool-proof type of liner out there and I love this Maybelline gel liner more than any other gel I’ve tried before, high-end or not!


The Maybelline Lasting Drama goes on soooo smooth, as you can tell from this picture. In fact, that brush also comes with it! Though, I didn’t actually end up using it as an eyeliner brush, I use it as a lip brush now haha As I mentioned before, if you’re new to eyeliner or seem to always mess up, this is the perfect liner for ya. Instead of needing a Q-Tip dipped in eye makeup remover to fix mistakes like you’d need to do with pencil or liquid liner, you can clean up this gel liner with just a tissue and it comes right off! I know what you’re thinking: if it comes off that easily with a tissue, it must come off during the day, right? Wrong! This Maybelline liner lasts me all day and all night without smudging, losing color intensity, or dripping down my face. When I put this on in the morning, that’s the last time I think about it all day until I take it off at night because it just doesn’t budge! It’s amazing. This liner is so easy to create different looks with. You want the perfect cat eye? Sexy smokey eye? Basic day liner? This does everything perfectly, without much effort! Plus, I’m a sucker for packaging and I think the little jar it comes in looks really cute sitting out on a dresser, vanity, or counter top (:

Final verdict? GOTTA HAVE IT! You guys, I SWEAR by the Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner! This product will last you all day and night, it’s cheap and readily available at your local drugstores, and it’s super easy to create different gorgeous looks! It truly, without a doubt, is my holy grail eyeliner. So, really, ya’ll don’t have an excuse NOT to go out and buy it (:

XOXO, Megan ❤

Ulta Products Review!

Hey, Everyone! If you read my shopping haul post that I did just a few days ago, then you know that I recently bought some fun, little things at Ulta. So, today, I wanted to give you a more in-depth post about the products I bought, including plenty of pictures! Let’s get to it!


This is actually the same picture that I uploaded to my shopping haul post, but since I already tore off most of the packaging, I just wanted to include this one more time. These are the just the 6 little goodies I picked up at Ulta on Saturday. On the right is a Studio Basics beauty sponge and my plan for that is to actually go buy 4 or 5 more beauty sponges (there were a billion at Ulta!), gather them up, use them, and then give you guys a whole blog post just dedicated to that. I have a Beauty Blender from Sephora, but if any of you have one as well, you know they’re not cheap! Finding a dupe for that would be awesome, so I figured doing a post like that would be fun for all of us to kinda figure out together what’s good and what’s not! Also, if you haven’t checked out my Real Techniques Brush review, that’s what I did yesterday (:



This is the Maybelline Fit Me blush in Medium Coral. This is a really gorgeous, dark peachy color with just a little bit of shimmer in it. But, as you can see, it’s quite pigmented! More than I was expecting! The swatch on my hand is actually just one brush stroke… insane, I know. I’ve been using Fit Me blushes for quite a while now and I’ve never seen another one have the kind of color payoff that this one does, so a little will go a long way with this! I’ve only used this twice so far, but I think this will actually make a really pretty bronzer  for contouring my cheeks, so I’m excited to give that a go. This color would look beautiful on you stunning girls with a darker skin complexion, especially with the added shimmer in there. But if you have more of a porcelain complexion, this color might have the tendency to look more muddy (kind of dirty) on you gorgeous girls, so be careful with that!



This is the Nyx Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel and, ladies, I’m obsessed with the Butter Gloss line! And I’m not a big gloss fanatic, so it takes a lot to impress me! This goes on so smooth (like butter, imagine that) and the staying power is really great. I’m not constantly reapplying it like I am with most other glosses. Plus, the color is gorgeous and looks beautiful over matching lipstick. I also happen to think that the packaging is kinda cute and I’m a sucker for cute packaging! If you don’t have any Nyx Butter Glosses yet, I 100% recommend them! They’ve got a great color selection, plus they’re under $5 (:



This is also another Nyx product. This is in their Matte Lipstick line and it’s in the color Eden. I haven’t actually tried this lipstick out on my lips yet because I feel this is something just a little more fancy, but I’m already crazy about this color! It’s a gorgeous deep red, which is actually a color that I don’t own yet! Most of my reds are bright, instead of deep and darker. This color is something that’s gonna look amazing on every skin tone, so give it a try next time you’re in a makeup isle! Cody is actually the one who picked this out for me too, so girls, it’s already guy proven (;



And, last but not least, we’ve got some falsies! These are the Ardell lashes in Glamour. I’m not a fan of Ardell lashes at all, but I thought I’d give these a go. I find that this brand tends to fall apart suuuuper quickly and you can actually see in the bottom picture that the lash bent out of shape just by me taking it out of the package. Not impressive. I only managed to try on one lash before I wanted to take it off because I hate them so much! These Glamour lashes looked so horribly fake on me that I didn’t even bother putting them both on. I wish I would have taken a picture for you, but honestly, I just wanted this caterpillar off my face, because that’s what it looked like. So, basically as soon as I’m done writing this blog post, those babies are goin’ in the trash! Luckily, these weren’t expensive at all (I believe less than $5), so I’m not really missing out. When it comes to falsies, I always recommend getting a more high-end brand from a trusted company. That way you know they’ll work and you’re getting your money’s worth.

So, that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope you’ll go out and get some of these products to try out yourself! Not those Ardell lashes though. Don’t get those. haha Thank you so much for hanging out with me today and I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow!

XOXO, Megan (:

Gotta Have It or Live Without It: Real Technique Brushes!

ImageMorning, Everyone! Today I’ve got a Gotta Have it or Live Without It review for ya’ll! If you checked out my shopping haul that I posted yesterday, you know that I bought a few new goodies to add to my makeup chaos. Among those, I had purchased a Real Techniques foundation makeup brush. I have others at home as well, so I figured I had enough and have used them enough to give ya’ll an honest, put together review on them. So, here we go!

I know for a fact that Real Technique brushes are readily available at Ulta, because that’s the only place I’ve ever purchased them. But I do also believe they can be found at Target and maybe Walmart and a few select other stores. I’ve never actively looked around for them in any drugstores by my house, so I can’t be sure, but if you’re wanting to check some out, Ulta has them for sure!

Everyone who even has the slightest interest in makeup and beauty knows about Sigma and Mac brushes. And anyone who has a job in the beauty industry likely has a set (or two… or three….) of their own! Sigma and Mac brushes and literally the Holy Grail of makeup brushes, it just doesn’t get any better than that! I, personally, only have one Mac brush set (their eye brushes are the best!), but I swear by my Sigma brush sets. My Sigma brushes are my babies. Confession: I’m oddly attached them. It’s kinda strange. So, when I heard awhile back about Real Technique brushes, I was so excited to try them! I’d heard from several people that they’re a pretty close dupe to more high-end brushes. And not having to shell out $30 a brush sounded pretty fantastic to me! So, I hustled my butt to Ulta and picked up a few!

First off, I have to tell you guys, the price couldn’t get any better. It just can’t. You can find most of the Real Technique brushes for under $10 a brush! Let’s just bounce back to Sigma and Mac brushes and let me remind you real quick: most are over $30 a brush. You do the math! So, without a doubt, the price is my favorite thing about these brushes! You can’t beat it. Another thing that I’m pretty crazy about is how professional these brushes look. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for cute prints and I defiantly have got myself some chevron and animal print brushes layin’ around, but when I go to work on clients, it’s a necessity that my brushes look professional. These brushes achieve that look for me. They’re pretty basic, but not boring, and they’re easy to identify in a line-up. Another thing that I really enjoy is the feel of the brushes (is that weird?). Anyone who uses makeup brushes knows that having soft, but dense bristles are imperative. You need the softness so they don’t scratch and irritate your face, causing redness, but you need the denseness so the brushes can pick up product and evenly distribute and blend it over your face, as opposed to it just sinking in and absorbing into the bristles. So, looks-wise and feel-wise, Real Technique brushes get a pretty high score!

They’re really aren’t that many downsides, but the one I noticed was pretty major to me. Right away, within in my first few days of using these brushes, I saw that there was a lot of product build up on the brushes I used for liquid products. That leads to makeup not blending out right and, of course, build up leads to breakouts! Biiiiiiig problem for me. This can obviously be easily fixed by giving these brushes a good, thorough washing every day to every other day, but I don’t have that kind of time and I’m guessing most of you don’t either! So, while this might be a minor setback for some of you, it wasn’t a good thing for me.

Final Verdict? It really depends. The jury’s out on this one! When it comes to Real Technique brushes, I don’t think you’ll ever find another drugstore brand that gets the job done like these brushes do! They really are quite nice. Would I ever chose Real Technique brush over my Sigma and Mac brushes? Nope, probably never. But on days when I’m working on location, doing a lot of makeup for a lot of different people, I will always, always, always bring my Real Technique brushes with me! In that situation, the more brushes, the merrier! Not bad, not great, but would I repurchase? Yep! If money is an issue or you just simply need more brushes like I did, I think these are the perfect brushes for you! 

XOXO, Megan (:

My Tried and True Skincare Line

Hi again, everyone! I had posted just a really quick blog post earlier today about one of my beauty confessions (be sure to go check it out!), but I wanted to give ya’ll something that was a little longer and more in depth, so tonight I’m gonna give you guys the run-down on one of my all time favorite skin care lines, Biore. 

Biore products have been around for quite some time, but they just recently went through a packaging change and I love it! It looks a lot more modern and eye catching. I think the packaging looks clean too… is that weird? haha They also came out with a few new charcoal cleansers, which are really cool! Charcoal is actually a really amazing facial cleanser. It activates with warm water and is able to get deep down into your pores and clear out all that dirt in there. Love ’em! Along with the charcoal cleansers, the Biore line also has your really basic gentle cleansers, face masks, pore strips, exfoliating scrubs, lotions, and facial wipes. You’ve got tons to choose from! I always, always, always have at least two or three Biore cleansers in my product lineup (I’m seriously a face wash hoarder), and when I use them up, I go out and try some different ones!

I’ve been using Biore for years and it’s always treated my skin amazing. Just after one use, your face is gonna feel so clean and fresh, it’s amazing. These products are especially great for acne because it works hard to fight against existing breakouts as well as preventing new ones, all while being extremely gentle to your skin. I’ve never gotten any irritation, redness, excess oiliness, or new breakouts for using any of these products. Oh, and did I mention that you can find these products at your local drugstore for under $10?! It’s so hard nowadays to find a skincare line that actually works, so finding one that works AND has each product for under $10? Uhh, yeah, sign me up! Even better? They have promotions all the time, so coupons are plentiful! I currently have 3 Biore coupons, all for $2 off! So, no matter your skincare issue, of if you just want a basic cleanser to try out, Biore has got cha covered! I recommend this line to all of my clients and I use it myself. It doesn’t get more trustworthy than that. (: So, go try a Biore product out and, I promise, you won’t regret it! 

XOXO, Megan (: 

Sunday Night Chit Chat (:

Hi, Everyone! I hope ya’ll are having a great weekend! I had a busy one and I’ve still got some errands to run after I get this post up, so it’s just gonna be some chit chat again today!

So, in my last chit chat with you guys, I talked about how one of my clients had tried tea tree oil and really enjoyed the results she got. Well, I picked some up myself to try it for ya’ll and my other clients to see if it’s a new product I could recommend! I always, always, always try out new products before recommending them to others… you’re welcome for being the guinea pig! haha Nahh, I love it, of course. I wouldn’t be in the beauty industry otherwise (: Anyway, I tried some later that day after I picked it up and oh my gosh, you guys, it’s amazing. It’s truly one of the best spot treatments I’ve ever tried. All you do is dip a Q-Tip into the tea tree oil and apply that to your breakout. It will be gone by morning! I must warn you though… the stench is almost unbearable. One little dab is enough to smell up your whole house/apartment, so be careful not to spill it anyway! Because that would smell for quite awhile. haha I picked mine up at Walgreens in the first aid section for about $11. The bottle will last for awhile! I recommend getting this if occasional breakouts are a problem for ya (:

You guys are probably gonna get so annoyed with me for always bringin’ this up, but you for sure should go check out! They just got another shipment in today and the stuff is adorable. I just placed an order for 2 dresses and one shirt… even though I wanted everything! I’ll post some pictures for ya below, just a taste of what they have! Go get yourself something nice, girls (: Happy shopping!

This week, I’ve got some fun stuff to post for you guys! I did my nails again this weekend with some bright colors and a cool pattern, so I’ll get that on here for ya and then I’ll share my tips on how to achieve the perfect manicure… essential for spring! Be sure to check that out. And, before I sign off for the night, I’m gonna leave ya’ll with a Selfie Sunday picture… had to. hahah

Photo: selfie sunday (:

Talk to you guys tomorrow, thanks for chattin’ with me tonight!

XOXO, Megan ❤