Outfit of the Day: New Maxi Skirt Turned Work Appropriate!

Morning, everyone! Last night I went to the mall with a gift card left over from Christmas and one goal in mind: to find a new maxi skirt! I had initially planned on purchasing a black or gray one just so I could match it and wear it with anything, but what I fell in love with defiantly was NOT black! Complete opposite actually….

ImageImageAs you can see, this is 100% not black hahah I saw this on the rack from halfway across the store and knew right then that I needed it. Turns out, it was even on the sale rack, there was one skirt left, and it just happened to be in my size. Pretty sure the universe was just screaming at me to get it haha


Obviously, this is gonna be a very cute skirt for vacations and summer time when paired with a tank top or crop top, but that’s not very work appropriate! So I just needed to class it up and make it a little bit dressier. 

Yellow and White Striped Maxi Skirt: Von Maur

Black Cami: Kohl’s

Jean Jacket: Macy’s

Indian Feather Necklace: Forever 21 (maybe? not sure! haha)

So, as ya’ll can see, it didn’t take much to dress it up! I just added a jean jacket and a cute necklace and bada-bing-bada-boom, work appropriate neon yellow maxi skirt! This skirt is actually quite versatile which is surprising because of it’s color, but it’s easy to dress up or down and would work for a lot of different occasions!

Also, I don’t know if ya’ll noticed, but I also dyed my hair and it’s not bleach blonde anymore! It’s a light auburn-ish color. You can’t really tell from these pictures, but it defiantly has some red tint to it and I really like it! I just went to Walmart and picked out some $2.97 hair dye in a box and went at it hahah It turned out really great. It’s not as dark as I wanted it, so I’ll wait a while and then dye it darker, but I’m happy with it. I hope ya’ll like it too! Now if only it could grow 8 inches overnight…..

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XOXO, Megan ❤



Life Update, Outfit of the Day, & Look of the Day!

Hey, everyone! After a week or so, I’m finally back! I have some stuff to update ya’ll about today, but first I wanna say something before we get into all of that. I just wanna say thank you to those of you who were so sweet, supportive, and patient last week after I had to put my dog down. It would have been a really tough thing to do anyway, and it just made it harder knowing that I practically grew up with her, so I was really distraught over the whole situation. Even though I haven’t posted anything for a few days, I did get on and check my blog updates and it made me feel so loved seeing all of the kind words you had to say! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: WordPress is the most supportive online community I’ve ever been a part of and I absolutely love that! I couldn’t have gotten through it without your support, so I defiantly just needed to take some time to tell ya’ll how much I appreciated it (:

Anyway, on to everything else that’s been goin’ on! I’ve had the craziest weekend I’ve had in quite some time… I finally got all moved in to my new apartment! We started moving in on Friday and continued to move and clean until Sunday night and now Cody and I are finally settled into our new place! I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but I promise I will! I’m back home from today until Saturday night for my mom’s birthday week, so I’m thinkin’ Sunday once I get back will be a good day to get my apartment post up, be on the lookout for that (:

ImageAmong all of the craziness, I did manage to get one picture! Even though it’s dark and blurry haha This picture was taken in our little living room on our couch. The apartment is teeny tiny, but it’s newly renovated, has gorgeous wood floors, new carpet, and new cabinets. It might not be much to most other people, but it’s ours and we love it. We already feel so at home in it. Can’t wait to share the rest with ya! If I have time, I’ve even been thinking about doing a video post for ya instead! I think that’d probably be the best way anyway to show ya’ll our new place!

Now, with all the new apartment talk outta the way, I have an Outfit of the Day for ya! I haven’t posted anything for about a week, let alone anything actually along the lines of fashion and beauty, so today is a good day to start that up again!


White Skinny Jeans: Hollister

Jean Jacket: Macy’s

Black Tank Top: Kohl’s (it’s actually a workout tank top!)

Woven Brown Belt: Macy’s

Gold Studded Sandals: Forever 21

I also have on a really gorgeous necklace (I shoulda taken a close up for ya) that mom got me as a going away present. It has two white sapphires in the shape of hearts and around it and it says “A mother’s love has no end.” I cried when she gave it to me haha It’s so pretty, I’ve worn it every day since I got it! I believe she got it at Kohl’s at the jewelry counter. And also, just a side note, if you like those jeans and are planning on getting any from Hollister, make sure you go waaaaay up in size! I’m a size 2 or 3 and these jeans are a size 7 or 8! Big difference!

I also tried a little somethin’ new out today, check it out!


I’ve always, always, always been a fan of colorful eyeliner, so I just recently purchased this really gorgeous one! This is the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Rocky Mountain Green, it’s this really gorgeous emerald color that has some light shimmer to it. It reflects light beautifully. I also bought a really pretty pale blue color, but I wanted to give this color a go first because I thought it would work best with my eye color. This is the first time I’ve used this product, so I’m not sure if there’s gonna be any smudging or fading that’s gonna go on, so I brought the pencil with me to work for touch-ups throughout the day if need be. I’ll have a product review up on these as soon as I test them out enough (: These eye pencils are available wherever Nyx products are sold and I purchased mine at Ulta for under $5 each! I also finally jumped ship and joined the so many ladies that are tryin’ out the L’Oreal TrueMatch Foundation! Be on the lookout for that makeup review to pop up here soon as well (:

So this post was a little crazy, I had so many different topics to over with ya’ll since it’s been so long! I really hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below with any apartment decor suggestions, comments about the Nyx Jumbo Pencil if you’ve used one yourself, questions, or just to say hey! Don’t forget to like this post and follow my blog for more beauty/fashion/lifestyle related posts like this one (: I’ve also been nominated for another award, so I’ll have that post up here soon! As always, thanks for hanging out with me for a little bit today and it’s so good to be back! I’ve missed you guys!

XOXO, Megan ❤




Outfit of the Day!

Morning, everyone! Even though this week has been pretty much extremely awful because my four legged best friend had to be put down on Monday, I’m stressed out about moving into my new apartment this weekend, and I just am not feeling like my self right now, life still goes and I still have work. haha So, even though I don’t really feel up to posting an in-depth beauty post today, the least I can do is get up my Outfit of the Day for ya.

ImageBlue Floral Print Dress: American Eagle (I got it in, I believe, 8th grade, so it’s defiantly not in stores currently!)

Jean Jacket: Macy’s

White Sandals: Charlotte Russe

I chose to wear this outfit today because it’s easy to throw together and the bright colors make me a happy (which I could 100% use right now). I love the bold print of this dress, it’s so summery and perfect for this season! I haven’t worn this dress in a few years actually, so when I found it in the back of my closet, I knew that I just needed to wear it! It’s so cute and comfy. I look forward to bringing this with me on my vacations this summer!

Hope ya’ll enjoyed this quick post that I got up for ya today. I’ll be suuuuuper busy on Friday and all this weekend with moving in, cleaning, driving, etc, so this is the last post I’ll get up for a few days. I’ll still reply to comments on here and I know a few of ya are friends with me on Facebook already, but feel free to send me a request! I post there everyday and you’ll get to see the real me that way as well. Click here for that: https://www.facebook.com/megan.hartman.58 Talk to ya’ll later! Have great weekends!

XOXO, Megan ❤

P.S: In my last post, I had talked with ya’ll about me possibly starting to do some videos for ya, as well as written blogs. I’ve decided that would be fun for me and I’m currently in the process of figuring out what camera to get, what editing software to use, etc. So if any of ya’ll have any suggestions or tips concerning that, please let me know! I would love your feedback and help!

Outfit of the Day: Simple & Comfy!


Hey, everyone! I’ve got a quick Outfit of the Day post for ya today! Nothin’ special (:

ImageWoooowwwww. I didn’t realize how bright and crazy washed out this picture was on my phone! I apologize for that! And that panda beanie baby on the ground back there is my puppy’s, not mine (: Anyway, I kept it basic and super casual today! To me, there’s no better outfit than a basic tank or t-shirt and I love me some worn in, distressed jeans (:

Black Tank Top: Macy’s

Distressed Blue Jeans: Silver (super expensive, but they fit amazingly and have lasted forever!)

Heart Necklace That You Can’t Even See: Zales, from Cody (:

I just finished off this simple look with some comfy black flip flops from Old Navy and to bring a little bit of color and excitement into this, I added a bold tangerine lip color! I don’t believe you can see that in this picture, but trust me, it’s there. haha This is the perfect look for running around, shopping or doing some errands, which is what I did today! This is one of my go-to outfits (:

XOXO, Megan ❤

My Traumatizing Morning & Outfit of the Day!


Good morning, everyone! I’ve got a quick Outfit of the Day post for ya right now, but before I get into that, I have the funniest/scariest story to tell ya’ll. Well, it wasn’t funny earlier, and it actually still makes me feel kinda nauseous, but I’m telling you anyway. haha So, this morning on my way to work, which is about 15 minutes away from my home, I was just havin’ a grand old time. I was blasting some Beyonce, singing at the top of my lungs, and may have even been car dancing a little bit. I was in my car for, like, 10 minutes before I noticed a giant freaking tarantula sitting shot gun in the passenger seat (not really a tarantula, but in all honestly, it was gigantic). He was starring at me the whole time. Just looking at me. Just waiting for his moment to pounce on me like a mountain lion and eat my leg off. I practically climbed outta the window sobbing and screaming and sat on the side of the road bawling my eyes out until some nice lady pulled over and killed it for me. When I got to work, I looked like sucha hot mess that they sent me back home due to “emotional distress.” So now I’m sitting at home, on my couch, in my pajamas, still crying and shaking a little bit. I’m so pathetic. I hope ya’ll still like me after reading this. hahah

Anyway, on to my Outfit of the Day! Which, obviously, I’m no longer in because I couldn’t get my shit together at work and got sent home. haha


Jean Jacket: Macy’s

Tribal Tank Top: K2 Avenue (my cousin’s online boutique with suuuper cute clothes and accessories, check ’em out here: http://www.k2avenue.com/ )

Black Lace Body-Con Mini Skirt: American Eagle

Teal Sandals: Charlotte Russe

This was a perfectly cute outfit wasted on a horrible circumstance this morning, I’ll have to wear it again! But thank ya’ll for hanging out with me this morning and I really hope you don’t think I’m psychotic after my story hahah Oh, and don’t forget to check out K2 Avenue’s website in the link I added for ya! Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, check it out anyway and browse or suggest something to one of your friends or family members (: Tons of cute stuff there. I get something pretty much every week! Thanks again for reading, I’ll talk to ya’ll later!

XOXO, Megan ❤





Outfit Of The Day: Boycotting This Chilly Weather!

Hey, everyone! I’ve got another Outfit of the Day for ya today (: Sorry I haven’t been doing many posts this week that actually have more substance to them… I’ve just been so busy lately that it’s been a struggle to post anything at all. After this week, things at work will quiet down and then I’ll be good to go!

ImageIt was cloudy, rainy, and only reached the mid 50s today in central Illinois, so if you’re reading this and you have nice weather where you are, please send some my way! I’m begging you! The funny thing is, I actually don’t mind this kind of weather at all. It’s just that it’s May 15th… I’m ready to have myself some 85 degree days! So today I boycotted the cold weather by wearing a summery outfit. I froze all day, so I’m an idiot in that sense, but at least I froze in style, right? Take that, Mother Nature! 

Teal Shorts: Pacific Sunwear

White Sheer Button-Down Shirt: American Eagle

Blue Mixed Colored Scarf: T.J Maxx

Oxford Flats: Von Maur

Excuse the horrible lighting and the fuzzy picture! And I’m standing pretty awkward too, so ignore that as well. haha Thanks for reading this super quick post and I promise you that I will have a post that actually talks about something important up soon, so definitely be on the lookout for that. I’m thinking I’m gonna do a summer makeup post or a look of the week type thing. I’m TWO followers away from reaching 100, so don’t forget to give me a follow if you’re not already! I hope to be at 100 by Sunday (: Thanks for all your incredible support so far and thanks so much for hanging out with me today, I’ll talk to ya’ll later!

XOXO, Megan ❤

Outfit of the Day!

Hi, everyone! It’s Outfit of the Day time!


Rant time: It’s May 14th and it didn’t even reach 55 degrees today. I wore my North Face to work. In May. Uhmmm, yeah, so not okay with that! Go home, Mother Nature. You’re drunk.

Anyway, on to the good stuff!

Sky Blue Hoodie: American Eagle

Skinny Jeans: Pacific Sunwear

Brown Riding Boots: Macy’s

Navy Floral Infinity Scarf: American Eagle

I hope ya’ll had better weather than I did today, that’s for sure! If you aren’t already, don’t forget to give me a follow! I’m almost to 100 followers, I hope to be there by the end of this week! Thanks for reading (: Talk to ya later!

XOXO, Megan ❤