Mani Monday!

Hey, Everyone! So, as promised, this is gonna be that post all about the new nail kit that I got this weekend for my birthday. It’s Ciarte (the ‘e’ as one of those apostrophe things above it, but I have no idea how to get that on here haha) and that’s one of my favorite brands. It’s kind of on the more expensive side ringing in at $15 a bottle, but it’s really awesome polish. Unfortunately, since it was a gift, I don’t know how much it was or where it was purchased at, but I’m sure it’s something that’s available on their website, so if you’re interested in getting one yourself, be sure to check that out (:


So this is the complete kit before I took it out and set everything up. I know iPhone cameras can be deceiving, but everything is actually this really gorgeous emerald green color that I completely adore. The packaging was so cute to begin with, it comes in a little box with a flip top so you can see all of the products without taking them out first. Inside you have an emerald polish, caiver beads (those little beads in the polish jar at the left), a jar of glitter, light green feather-ish material, a brush, and a funnel.


Here is everything set up for ya. I ended up using everything but the light green, feather-ish material. I put it on one nail, but it was extremely difficult to apply and actually looked quite horrible, so I took it off and probably won’t be using that again! And, as you can tell, I have wax paper set out underneath everything, which I 100% suggest because with the glitter and the little beads, things are gonna go everywhere! The brush, which I didn’t end up using, is for evenly distributing the glitter or beads around your nail, but I found you could do that yourself just by pressing down as everything was drying. The funnel, of course, is for putting the little beads back into the jar easily!


Warning: my nails are a little sloppy because I always wait until the very end to clean up and wipe off polish that got on my skin. So, sorry about that, just ignore it! Anyway, this is that gorgeous emerald color. You do two coats of this (you can do more if you want more color payoff, but two should work just fine) and, while your second coat is still wet, that’s when you start applying the caiver beads and the glitter.


I did the caiver beads first and I loved them! They’re actually extremely easy to apply. While your nails are still wet, as I mentioned above, you just dump the beads out over your nails, over wax paper of course! It also helps if you do it over a tray or something with edges which will keep the beads from flying all over the room. As you dump the beads on your nails (I just did my two focus fingers), they’ll instantly adhere to the wet polish. Shake of the excess beads and then gently press down to really get them into that polish so they’ll stick longer. After it dries, go over with a clear top coat.


This is the glitter, my favorite part! I love it because I think it looks like fish scales… I’m not crazy, right? haha All you do is, when the polish is still wet, you dip your nail into the glitter jar and, BOOM, you’ve got gorgeous, fish nails! Dump of the excess, gently press down, and apply your top coat!

Photo: when you don't have a life, you have time to do overly dramatic nail art. greeeeen for days 󾬔

Here’s the finished product, all cleaned up and ready to go! Don’t be intimated by this, it only took me about 30 minutes, maybe less! It was super easy to do and the pay off was great and well worth it! I got tons of compliments and questions about everything. I hope you guys enjoyed this quick, little tutorial and I hope you’re as fascinated by this nail art as I am! haha Thanks for hanging out with me tonight, I’ll talk to ya tomorrow!

XOXO, Megan ❤

Sunday Chit Chat & Birthday Haul!

Hi, Everyone! Happy Sunday! I hope ya’ll have had an awesome weekend with great weather! I’ve had sucha wonderful birthday weekend celebrating with all my friends and family. On Friday night, my boyfriend played in his old high school’s alumni tournament , so I went to go cheer him on and then on Saturday, I had a birthday party with all of my family. I thought it would be fun if I showed ya’ll some of what I got, since most of it was clothes and makeup which fits my blog perfectly! So, today, it’s just gonna be some Sunday chit chat with lots of pictures (: Enjoy!


Alright, so this is everything I got from my amazing family and friends for my birthday this weekend! I’m not gonna go through everything, but I just wanted to show you some of the fun stuff that I got. Cody was helping me set everything out and take pictures, so you’ll see him in some of these shots as well! In advance, I apologize for my horrible camera quality… all of my pictures are always taken with my iPhone, but they’re usually not this bad. For some reason, last night, the lighting was just really weird and not working, so everything is bright and washed out. Sorry about that!


This is just one of the presents Cody got me, a Sigma brush set! This is their synthetic kabuki kit. It’s funny because I always get so excited to use new brushes, but then it takes me forever and 12 days to actually use them because I never wanna get ’em dirty! The struggle is real, let me tell ya. Or maybe I’m just psychotic and weird. Either way. haha


These are my new acrylic makeup organizers! I’m seriously so excited about this… a little too excited, it’s kinda sad. I had been looking for some acrylic makeup organizers everywhere, but I could never find exactly what I was looking for. I know Muji makes some really great acrylic organizers, but I just couldn’t make sense of spending that much money on something. So, after looking high and low, I eventually gave up on my search for The Perfect Makeup Organizers. They come in all shapes and sizes, but I 100% prefer the acrylic over anything else because it cleans so much easier and I actually really love the look of them. My mom eventually found just what I was looking for on Amazon, so consider me a happy camper! Oh, and Cody was channeling his inner Vana White, so that would be his hand you see in the left corner!


This is a little, mini nail haul of things that people got me. I got a new buffing block since my old one is getting all worn out, some O.P.I nail polishes, a cool, little pink ombre nail kit, and some Avon nail stickers! Of course, once I get around to using all of these, I’ll have a blog post up showing you guys pictures and explaining everything (: I also got a really, really awesome emerald nail art kit from my mom (she knows me so well!) that isn’t pictured here, but I’ve actually done that already this morning, I couldn’t wait long! So, my nails are all decked out right now with everything from the kit, I’ve got some pictures taken and already sent to my e-mail so I can upload them on here, so I’ll have the post up tomorrow! Ya’ll will love it, I can’t wait to show you!


I couldn’t resist showing you guys this picture. There’s an infinity scarf there, along with some pretty teal shorts and a light blue, tie-dyeish maxi (I know it looks white because of the lighting, but it’s not!), but obviously, the real focus in the picture is Cody. hahah Pretty sure he was causing more problems than he was actually helping, but ya gotta give him an A for effort, right?





Excuse the extremely poor camera quality on those last two pics of Cody playing in his alumni tourney. I was sitting in the bleachers and, obviously, high school gyms aren’t equipped with the best camera lighting. Cody was captain of his basketball team his senior year, but he’s been dressing varsity every since he was a wittle freshmen. He’s one of those people who’s so freakishly good at everything, but he’s so modest! It kills me. I’m like, “Why can’t you brag?! Just once?!” I guess I just don’t understand because if I was good at something, I would never stop talking about it… unfortunately, I suck at everything I do. hahah But, I’m so proud of him. Him and his friends on the team this weekend all had so much fun and it was so great to see them all together again, playing on the court where they belong. I couldn’t have been happier spending my birthday watching all of them (:

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Along with some of the fun things I showed ya, I also got some gifts cards, clothes, and other little cute things and I can’t wait to put up my post tomorrow about that nail kit to show you guys. I think you’ll really like it, so stayed turned for that! Thank you guys for all your birthday wishes and thanks for chattin’ with me today and I hope ya’ll have a great rest of your Sunday and I’ll talk to ya tomorrow!

XOXO, Megan (:



Mani Monday! How to Achieve Your Perfect Manicure

Good Morning, Everyone! I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend! Now it’s back to the daily grind. I ordered an extra large McCafe drink this morning from McDonald’s… it’s a Monday. haha Today for Mani Monday, one of my favorite holidays (it can be considered a holiday… right?), I’m gonna walk you guys through the steps on how to achieve your perfect manicure. While there is quite a few steps (and some products you’ll have to buy), it’s not a hard thing to do. Besides, it’s so worth it when people ask where you got your mani done at. Girl, you reply with the biggest smile that you did that shit yourself! Go you! So, let’s get talkin’!

First things first: I’m gonna give you the run down on all the products you need. There’s not really a need to splurge on any of these items, you can find them all right at your local drugstore in the nail isle! However, I did purchase my cuticle oil and various hand lotions and scrubs from a company called Secret (sounds kinda like a sex store, no?). I received it as a present, so unfortunately I’m not sure how much it was. But, since then, I’ve picked up everything at Walmart and Target, with an occasional trip to Sally’s Beauty Supply! The items you’ll need (you’ll probably already have some lying around your house!) are:

~nail file

~nail clippers

~buffing block (it has 4 different sides, each achieve a different task)

~hand lotion

~exfoliating hand scrub

~cuticle oil

~cuticle pusher

~cotton pads

~nail color(s) of your choice!

Like I mentioned earlier, all of this is readily available at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. and you don’t have to break the bank! Once you’ve gathered all of these items, you’ve got yourself a one-way ticket to a perfect DIY manicure!

Now, I’m gonna share with ya’ll the 10 steps of prep work needed to have your mani turn out the absolute best. When using so many different products and tools, it’s important that you follow these steps in order to avoid ruining your nails. Obviously, you’ll never tear your nail off or anything catastrophic like that (or at least I hope not!), but going out of order could cause extra drying of the nails and brittleness. Take notes!

1) Clean your hands! I always like to start with a clean base, so lather up and rinse with warm water! Dry thoroughly.

2) Once completely dry, clip and file your nails to desired shape and size. I always leave mine short. Confession: I’m a nail biter! When filing down your nails, be sure to always file in the same direction, DO NOT file back and forth! That will cause tearing of your nail!

3) Get out your buffing block, it’s time for the manual labor! I have a few different buffing blocks from a few different places (none is better than the other) and they all have directions on how to use them printed directly on the block. Others will have it printed on the packaging, so be sure to keep that if that’s what yours does. You need to use each side in a certain order to achieve the best look, so read the directions before! This will be your most time consuming step.

4) Once your done using your buffing block, exfoliate your hands gently with the scrub. Rinse with warm water.

5) No matter what you exfoliate, always follow up with a moisturizer! Your face, hands, feet… moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

6) Now its time give some TLC to your cuticles. Start by dabbing on just a little bit of cuticle oil. Less is more! Rub the oil in and let it sink in for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

7) At this point, your cuticles will soften up and be easier to work with, so now you’ll push them back. This is important: NEVER, ever, ever, ever CUT your cuticles! This will lead to all sorts of problems. Just push them back! I know it’s tempting, but pushing them back will be better for ya in the long run. Promise.

8) Almost done now! Dip a cotton pad into your nail polish remover and just quickly swipe it over your nails to clean off excess product. Nail polish adheres better to clean nails.

9) Rinse with warm water and then….

10) Apply your polish!

This whole process shouldn’t take you too, too long… just around 30 minutes or so. But that’s not including the painting and drying time of your nails! So it’s just best to do this on an evening when you don’t have anything to hurry for. I always do mine on Sunday evenings while watching The Walking Dead. Now that the season ended (until October. Just kill me. I CANNOT wait that long), I’ll probably switch it up. This will take you some time and patience, but hey, can’t rush perfection, right? (:

Later this week, maybe even tomorrow, I’ll have up a picture of my newest manicure that I did last night, along with some mani tips and tricks about shortening drying time, fixing mistakes, etc. I’ll also have a post about how I do nails for my clients and how much I charge, because that can sometimes be a tricky thing for some people. So get ready for all of that! Apparently it’s gonna be a manicure kinda week this week! Thank ya’ll for spending time with me this morning! Now go rock that flawless manicure you did yourself (:

Happy Mani Monday!

XOXO, Megan (:


Galaxy Nails!

Hi, Everyone! Happy Friday! I did my nails last night and my initial plan was to do a Mani Monday post for ya’ll when Monday rolled around, but then I quickly realized that there’s no way my nails would last all weekend without getting chipped. haha So, here we are! This is Mani Monday… Friday Edition!

This is the ever-popular galaxy nail! I first saw this on Pinterest (I know, that’s where I get all my ideas. haha), and ever since then, I’ve really wanted to try it out. I didn’t actually expect it to work out as well as it did though. I know, it could have turned out a lot better, but I’m very pleased with the end results!

Before you start this, I just wanna let you know that this is NOT something that you’ll be able to get done in a matter of minutes, so defiantly don’t do this just before you go out. This manicure is fairly simple, though it’s time-consuming, and it’s all about layering your colors. All you need is a black polish, as well as few polishes to layer with, and a cosmetic sponge. For your layering colors, you can pick whatever colors you want! For mine, I choose pink and teal.

Black is gonna be your base color, but whenever you paint your nails with a dark color, always make sure you start with a base coat to prevent stained nails when you take off your polish. After you apply your base coat and your base color (the black polish), then you start your layering! You’ll take your cosmetic sponge, hold it to the top of the nail polish bottle, turn it upside down to get the polish onto the sponge, and then dab that sponge on the nail. By doing that, you’ll get a really sheer, kinda splotchy color, which is what you want! Go over every nail and then repeat with your other layering colors. You really can layer as many colors as you desire, but be super careful with that because if you layer too many, it’ll just look brown. Not cute. haha That’s why I only recommend doing two or three colors. And once you’re done adding your colors, you can even add some glitter like I did… no manicure is complete without glitter. (: 

I really hope you guys try this out soon! I’m seriously lovin’ it and I hope you love it too! Let me know whatcha think!

XOXO, Megan (: