Life Update & Common Girl Tag!

Hey, everyone! Long time, no talk! Seriously, it’s been, like, a week since I’ve last posted anything, but I promise I’m still alive and kicking! Just super busy. As ya’ll know, Cody and I have finally moved into our new apartment (click here for a tour of my place: ), but I’m still driving the hour every single day to my job here. I get up at 5:30, drive an hour, work, and then drive an hour back. You could say I’m exhausted! haha By the time I get home every day, I just don’t have any energy left to spend on anything else.

On top of traveling two hours every single day, my contract here at work is up on July 18th, so in about two weeks. I’ve been job hunting, but no where seems to be hiring. I’m so unbelievably stressed and when I’m stressed I can’t sleep. So, with getting up at 5:30 anyway, I pretty much get one or two hours of sleep every night. I’m almost dysfunctional I’m so tired. haha

Since I’m pretty much venting to ya’ll anyway, I might as well continue, right? haha I get paid pretty well at my job, but because I drive two hours daily, obviously I need to fill up my gas tank every single week (my car gets awful gas mileage). Because of that, all of my money goes to either gas or my cosmetology school savings, so I have $0 leftover to purchase new makeup or clothing or anything else for myself. Which means I kind of needed to cut back on monthly favorites, new makeup trends, and other blog posts like that. It sucks, but I’m so excited for cosmetology school that I don’t mind (: So just hang in there with me and I’m hoping that we’ll get through this together!


Anyway, since I’ve been stressin’ lately but haven’t posted in a while, I wanted to do something fun today! I was watching one of my YouTube beauty gurus last night and she was doing the Common Girl Tag, which sounded fun to me! It’s basically just a buncha questions that are cliche girly things. I thought it would be interesting for me to do this because I’m not exactly a girly person and I also don’t typically follow the crowd, so we’ll see what my answers are like!

Here are the questions:

1. Favorite Starbucks drink? I’m actually not a fan of Starbucks! I don’t like fancy drinks and I can just make tea myself at home instead of paying $7 a cup. haha But I’ll go with hot chocolate, because their hot chocolate is liquid deliciousness.  
2. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Well, since I’ve been having to get up at 5:30 for work, I want to sleep in as long as I possibly can, so I can typically get ready in 30 minutes. But on weekends or for special events, it can take me upwards of an hour to an hour and a half. 
3. How many selfies do you take on a daily basis? None! Unless I’m posting an Outfit of the Day or Look of the Day, I never take selfies! I hate looking at myself, I don’t wanna make anyone else suffer either haha 
4. How many IG followers and pics do you have? I pretty much just got an Instagram so I could stalk all my favorite celebrities. I don’t have any followers or post anything, I just like seeing a more real look at what famous people are up to! Is that creepy? haha
5. Do you ever say “LOL” or “OMG” out loud? hahah No! I do say “Oh my god,” but never OMG! 
6. Do you wear the same clothing item more than once? Uhmm, yeah. Of course. haha I’m next to broke, this girl doesn’t have the money to throw away outfits after one wear!
7. Are you racist?  I’m not even sure why this is a question, but no, of course not. I don’t see race. Just like I’m extremely supportive of gay rights, race doesn’t bother me either. It shouldn’t bother anyone.
8. How many tweets do you have? I don’t have a Twitter account actually! 
9. Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr? Can I just say Facebook? haha (Friend me on Facebook here! I post way more frequently on there than I do on here!)
10. What do you spend most of your time doing? I work quite a bit. Other than that, I love to spend my time with friends and family, playing with dogs, and eating! I’m a simple person. haha 
11. Who are your favorite youtubers? Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guierro are my faves (: But I love lots more! I love my beauty gurus! 
12. How often do you do your nails? This is probably the most cliche girly thing that I take part in haha I paint my nails obsessively! I paint them differently at least once a week and always in bright, happy colors and patterns! I love nail art too. 
13. Are you a shopaholic? Ya know what, no. I wouldn’t consider myself a shopaholic. I enjoy shopping, yes. But I’m defiantly not one of those girls who goes to the mall and comes home with 10 different bags!
14. How many times have you watched Mean Girls? Hmmm. I’ve watched it fully through probably three of four times. But I’ve seen bits and pieces of it, like, hundreds of times haha Whenever I notice that it’s on T.V, I usually tune in. On Wednesdays, we wear pink.
15. Do you own a lot of clothes? Yeah, I guess so. But I only wear the same things over and over again haha I need to clean out my closet again and donate! I do that several times a year to keep my closet space free for new finds and give away nice things to people who really need it. 
16. Do you take pictures of your food before you eat it?  Nope! As much as I enjoy eating, you’d think that I would! I don’t bake often, so if I make something that looks exceptionally nice, I’ll take a picture and send it to a friend or something, but I never post it on social media sites.
17. Do you wear makeup everyday?  I do! I have horribly acne scarred skin, so the least I do is cover it up with a few dabs of concealer. The only time I am without makeup, is when I’m sleeping or on lazy days at home!
18. What are your average grades in school? Well, I’ve been out of high school for a while, but I was an awful student. haha I did the bare minimum to get by. I probably sat around C’s and the occasional D. It’s not that I’m dumb, it’s that I didn’t care. I was that kid who sat in the back of the classroom and made everyone laugh. I didn’t go to school to learn, I went to socialize. I’m an awful person. haha 
19. How do you usually style your hair? It’s either always straight and down or just pulled back into a ponytail. I never did anything exciting with my hair, but now that it’s short, I can’t wait for it to grow back out, so I can do cute stuff to it! 
20. Do you always look presentable? Always? Not by a long shot. haha When I go out and obviously at work, I always do, but if I’m just chillin’ at home, going to the grocery store, or anything like that, you can typically catch me in a giant, over sized flannel shirt, black shorts, and my hair lookin’ a mess. haha Keepin’ it real, ladies.

I encourage all of you to do this tag as well and don’t forget to let me know so I can stop by and read what your answers were! I hope ya’ll enjoyed this, sorry for my absence, but I’ll try to get back into the swing of things! Thanks so much for reading today and I’ll talk to ya’ll later!

XOXO, Megan ❤

Donate, Adopt, Volunteer, Foster. <3

<img src="; class="size-full" alt="Donate, Adopt, Volunteer, Foster.

Morning, Everyone (: (Sidenote: that gorgeous Pitbull in my picture is, unfortunately not mine, he’s just one of the many pitties waiting for a forever home.) Today, I’m gonna get serious on ya for just a second because I want to take a minute to talk about something that is of utmost importance to me: animal rescue.

Let me just tell you a little bit about my animal background first…
I have been deeply involved with animals ever since I was born. Growing up in Dallas, Texas was a blessing to me most of the time. Hey, I’m a city slicker, born and raised, what can I say? But, unfortunately, living in a big city means a bigger population… which, coincidentally, means much higher rates of animal abuse and neglect. I’ve grown up around it. I see it. I understand it. It’s what drives my passion today.

I have never lived a day in my life without my family or myself owning a dog. Currently, I own five! I’m the proud Momma Bear to two beautiful Pitbulls, a little fluff ball of a Shih Tzu, a hyper and outgoing Beagle, and the smartest German Shepard you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. They’re all rescues and they’re all perfect.

I know what some of you are thinking and it breaks my heart: two Pitbulls? Yes, two smart, playful, gentle, loving, sweet, loyal Pitbulls… my babies. If there’s one thing that I want you to take away from my blog post today, I want you to understand that Pitbulls are NOT EVIL. There’s no such thing as a mean dog, just mean owners. There’s no such thing as a bad dog, just bad situations. Pitbulls are no more “viscous” than a Golden Retriever or a Pomeranian, and I bet you’ve played with plenty of those dogs! If you ever get the chance to meet Little Bit and Mikey, they’ll steal your heart.

It is also important to me that you guys all get involved with your local animal shelter someway, somehow! You can do that four ways: donating, adopting, volunteering, or fostering. I know that asking you to adopt and foster is stretching it. If you don’t have to time to put into an animal, don’t do it! That’s why our shelters are overpopulated. People think they have the time and money, when they really don’t. But you can always donate. And I’m not talking about money here, I promise! I would never ask you do that if you don’t feel comfortable or aren’t at a place in your life right now where that’s possible. You can donate supplies! I’ve worked and volunteered at shelters before, they are always in need of supplies! Any old baby blankets or towels? Newspapers you’re done reading? Water and food bowls? Any toys your dogs and cats are willing to share? Bring ’em in! Bring them to your local shelter and I promise you, they won’t be able to thank you enough.

“Rescue animal aren’t broken. They’ve simply expierenced more life than other animals. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand that responded with courage. Don’t pity them. Do something. And be proud to have greatness by your side.”

Give a voice to the voiceless. Don’t be afraid of adopting a rescue dog, those are the best pets to have. Rescuing animals doesn’t make you a saint. It just means you have bigger heart with an open mind. Those beautiful dogs that I rescued? They ended up recusing me.