About Me!

A more ambitious version of your usual 20-something girl, I spend my days trying to make my mark in this crazy world. Actively involved with animal rescue, I’ve never met a dog that hasn’t had the ability to completely melt my heart and I’m the proud Momma Bear to five perfect rescue dogs. I live to make other girls feel beautiful through my freelance makeup work, but really, self-confidence is better than any makeover I could ever provide. My boyfriend is my backbone and after spending countless years together, I still get butterflies. You’ll never catch me without a laugh on my lips, a sparkle in my eyes, or a drink in my hand! I’m just your best friend that you haven’t met yet. (:

12 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Haha! I LOVE your photo!! =)

    • Thank you!! I got it at the St. Louis Zoo! Of course it was waaay overpriced, but seriously, how could I even live with myself if I didn’t purchase that completely unnecessary shark hat? hahah

  2. Hi, oh, I see you’ve been nominated for the LIesbster Award. Oh well, I’ve nominated you again. I love all the beauty advises you give on your blog and looking forward to hearing from you!!! 🙂

  3. Hello Best Friend I never met! 🙂
    Lovely blog, great job!

  4. What a cute blog! I’m Megan too and I hope you take the time to check out my blog as well! Keep writing, I’m looking forward to reading more posts!


    Megan Panwar

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