Happy 2015!

Hey, everyone! Happy New Year! Can you believe it, 2015 already?? I hope that this past year has been just as good for ya’ll as it has been for me. This year has brought me SO many new adventures and I documented most of them through pictures that I wanna share with ya’ll today! Just a suuuper quick flashback through my year (: I also wanna take a second to sincerely apologize for my long absence towards the end of 2014. I had so many new things going on and I just couldn’t keep up with everything at once. Things have settled down now and I’ve personally made it my new year’s resolution to start blogging on a daily or weekly schedule now, so prepare yourself to see a lot more of me this year! With that being said, since I’ve been away from WordPress for such a long time, we have a lot to catch up on, so let’s get started!

I’m gonna start as far back as my summer vacation! With it being in the dead of winter right now (and my area of Illinois currently being under a winter storm warning for later tonight with 6 inches of snow possible!) summer seems waaay too far away, so this just seemed super appropriate to start with right now. haha I traveled to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina with Cody’s family this summer and had way too much fun! I’m not a big beach person anyway (neither is Cody), but there’s SO many different things to do down there that it’s impossible to be bored. This picture was taken right before we all went banana boating (my first time!) and the guy driving us so kindly mentioned to me that when he was taking people out the day before, he saw a shark not too far away from them. I freaked out the whole time and about died laughing when we were all being thrown around by the waves, but it was so much fun. I’d do it again in a heart beat!

Fast forward a month or so to when Cody and I are officially moved into our new apartment and I finally got a new job! Working at Rue 21 isn’t the greatest, but I couldn’t love my coworkers anymore than I do. They’re amazing people and I’m so blessed to work with a team that meshes together so well. Every day is so much fun coming in to work with them! I’ve been at this company for about 5 months now and I’ll continue to work there through my cosmetology school classes as well. Which brings me to my next point….

The year of 2014 brought me one the greatest gifts of the year: I finally got accepted into the esthetics program at the cosmetology school I wanted to go to! I got accepted a while ago (can you tell by the tank top here and my mention of a winter storm warning earlier? it’s no longer tank top weather! haha), but now there’s not much time until my classes start! Actually, one exact week from today! Next Monday is my orientation (: I couldn’t be more excited about taking this next step in my life and I feel so lucky to have this chance. My decision to drop outta college and pursue this career path was met with a lot of snarky comments and some people being very supportive, but sometimes you just gotta do you. I can’t wait to prove them wrong. I also can’t wait to document my journey through cosmetology school and share everything with ya’ll! Thanks for being so supportive!

Moving into a college town (my boyfriend goes to Illinois State University so we live on campus) 2014 also brought so many new friendships. These are just two of the MANY new people I connected with this past year! I’m such a social person and I cherish all these new friendships that I’ve made. Weekend nights are never boring when you live on a college campus, that’s for sure!

2014 also saw the year that Cody and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary together. While our Facebook pages are blowing up with friends and family members getting engaged, we’re not interested in that right now. We’re practically engaged anyway… we live together, split our bills, you get what I’m sayin’. Besides, Cody needs to save up for that big ol’ rock I want on my ring finger some day! haha I seriously adore this kid and I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I’m beyond blessed that God gave him to me anway.

As the year started to wind down and Christmas time rolled around (my absolute favorite time of the year!), I guess you could say I went a little overboard while decorating haha Confession: this picture was actually taken in early November. According to some (okay, most) that’s too early to be bringing out Christmas things, but when you’re with someone who is as holiday obsessed as I am, there’s no such thing as too early! Even right now, I’m still refusing to take the decorations down haha I might have a problem!

And on one of the last days of 2014, I got to get in some quality family time with my aunt and uncle, one of my cousins, and my grandparents while spending the day at a gorgeous winery. I have a huuuuge family and we live all over the country, so even though this was only a few family members, I still loved every second of it. Because really, isn’t that what these holiday times and the new year are all about? Just spending time with your loved ones.

So there ya have it, guys! I hope your 2014 was as eventful as mine and I hope your new year will be filled with health, happiness, and new adventures for you to go on. Today is one of the first blank pages of 2015, make sure you write yourself a good book this year!

Love you guys so much and I’m stoked to be seein’ more of ya in 2015!

XOXO always, Megan

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