Self Tanning 101!

Hey, everyone! I don’t know how the weather is where ya’ll are, but here in central Illinois, it’s gorgeous, hot, and sunny! We all know that, as the weather gets warmer, the clothes get shorter. But we also all know that tanning beds and over sun exposure can lead to all types of skin problems: early skin aging, wrinkles, sun spots, breakouts, burns, and skin cancer. Being someone who just recently had a biopsy done because my doctors thought it was melanoma (and I’ve never even been to a tanning salon or had a sunburn before), I swear off all excess sun exposure like the plague. I encourage ya’ll to do the same! But, the fact of the matter is, I’m pale. Confession: I’m paler than pale. I’m Casper The Friendly Ghost pale. Plus, who doesn’t like a nice sun-kissed glow during the warmer months? The safe way to do just that? Self tanning! So today, I’ve got a post all about self tanning for ya… what products I use, how to achieve the perfect look, all that good stuff. Let’s get started! 

First things first: if you want even color all over (and you do, trust me. haha), you gotta start with a good base. The prep work before you even actually apply your product is the hard part! Shaving can be a pain in the ass, but trust me, it’s the difference between an average self tan or making it look like it’s a natural sun kissed tan. So make sure that you use a clean, new, preferably multiple blade razor, use a moisturizing shaving cream or soap, and follow up with a body scrub to exfoliate. As soon as you step out of the shower, make sure you pat your legs dry (you don’t wanna rub because that dries out the skin). When you’re completely dry… read that again… when you’re COMPLETELY DRY, then it’s time to start applying your self tanning products! 


These are my three tried and true self tanning products and you can find all of them at Walmart for under $10! You’e welcome, society. I’ve tried plenty of high end brands as well, but they never did anything better than what these do, so stick with the drugstore brands and you won’t go wrong. From left to right, I have Jergen’s Natural Glow lotion self tanner, L’Oreal Sublime Bronze spray self tanner, and L’Oreal Sublime Bronze gel self tanner. All of these are in medium to dark tan. Jergen’s has a really gorgeous, build up to it, meaning it’s extremely gradual and you can keep applying it until you get your desired color pay off, so I typically use that during the winter months when I don’t need a full blown summer glow, just a little somethin’ somethin’. So today, I’m mainly gonna be concentrating on the last two, which is what I’m using currently.



For my self tanning look, I layer my products to achieve the most natural look and I start with this one. Please, please, please don’t be intimidated by the second picture! I know it looks like poop in my hand (haha), but trust me ladies, it goes on so beautifully and I’ve never once had any streakiness when using this! I know it’s really dark (trust me, I almost had a heart attack when I first squeeze it outta the bottle), but it honestly doesn’t go on that dark. When you start rubbing it in, you’ll notice that your skin will instantly has a little bit of color to it, but it’s nothing drastic. The color will continue building over the next 4 to 5 hours right before your eyes, it’s like a magic trick! When you wake up the next morning, you’re gonna have this perfect glow! I do have to warn you though, this does leave a pretty strong self tanning smell, so I always apply mine at night. The smell is gone by morning. The trick to applying this without getting splotchy, gross, tanning marks? You just keep rubbing it in, girl! When you think you’ve finally got it all rubbed in, keep rubbing it in… can I stress that point enough? haha 


This is the L’Oreal spray tanner and this what I layer over the L’Oreal gel lotion I just told ya’ll about above. I don’t know if it’s because these two products are from the same line or what, but they work so well together! I love it. This is pretty self explanatory, you pretty much just spray it on. You’re not gonna get instant color with this product like you will with the one above, but this one continues to build overnight as well. I like using this one top of other lotions and gels instead of just by itself because it really evens all the color out and makes the tan even deeper and darker and more natural looking. I think this spray is what’s gonna give your lotion/gel tanner that natural “I just got back from the Bahamas with Channing Tatum” glow. We all want that. Give everything time to set and dry before hopin’ into bed at night or else it’s gonna distort your color and give your streaks. Eeeek. Once you wake up in the morning, apply some moisturizing lotion or body butter, and step back to admire your flawless tan! No one has to know you’re not naturally sun kissed… that will be our little secret. (: 

I was gonna include some before and after pictures for ya, but then I realized that I’ve been self tanning for quite some time, so I already had some color goin’ on to begin with! Anyway, my phone’s camera is actually pretty horrendous, so you wouldn’t be able to see the true colors of everything anyway, so forget that. haha I hope ya’ll enjoyed this post and if you have any questions, feel free the ask! I get all my comments sent directly to my phone, so I’ll answer quickly. (: Thanks so much for hanging out with me today and I will talk to ya’ll tomorrow!

XOXO, Megan (:  

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