April Favorites! (:

Hey, everyone! Seriously, where has this month gone?? We’ve officially gotten to the last few days of April and you know what that means… an April Favorites blog post! Yay! I love doing monthly favorites because that’s when I get to gather up the products that I’ve been using almost daily and lovin’ all month long and I get to share them with you. Let’s get started!


Let me guess: you’re lovin‘ my professional photography, right? I’ve got this really awesome set up with my fluffy pink bath towels in the background. hahah Anyway, the first product I’ve been obsessed with this month is a new Biore face wash that I just recently picked up. This is the Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser. I don’t have combination skin (I have really oily skin actually), but I’ve never found a Biore product that I didn’t absolutely love, so I wanted to give this a shot! And I’m so glad I did. This is just your basic gel/liquid face wash, so you can use it as many times a day as you want since it doesn’t have exfoliating beads or any harsh acne-fighting agents in it. This face wash is sooo moisturizing, it’s insane. After you use this, you’ll notice an instant difference in you skin. It gives you this really refreshing, clean feeling, plus it smells great! You can get this anywhere that sells face washes and it’s for less than $5 (:


Again with my beautiful photography skills, are we noticing a common theme here? haha This is my Redken Mousse Whip and it’s actually made specifically for people with who have blonde dyed hair or blonde highlights. Shake this well before you use it and then distribute the mousse evenly throughout your damp hair, concentrating on your ends, where it tends to be the most dry and damaged. Brush through and then blow dry and style as usual! It has a really clean smelling citrus sent to it that I really enjoy. What this awesome product does is conditions your hair, prevents damage, and brings out the blonde coloring. My hair is always silky, smooth, and shiny after using this! Be sure that you don’t use too much product though because I did that when I used it for the first time and left this really gross residue in my hair. But once you figure out how much product you need, this is a true hair saver! I got this at my salon for $16.



This is one of my all-time favorite foundations in the history of ever. This is the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation and I’m head over heels in love (sorry, Cody!). Because of the mousse/whipped consistency, it can’t be put in a pump bottle, so Revlon has it in this little, clear jar instead. A lot of people tend to have a problem with that saying it takes up too much space, is hard to travel with, or whatever, but I actually love the jar! I think it’s cute and looks pretty sitting on my vanity. Plus, it’s really easy to tell when you need more. I have problem skin, I’m not afraid to be the first to admit that (check out my ‘Problem Skin to Flawless Skin’ post that I did back a few weeks ago!) and this foundation covers up all my marks and scars beautifully. It’s so easy to blend out, never looks cakey, and stays on my face all day without getting shinny, which is a big plus for me. This applies best with a beauty blender or brush and gives you this really flawless, perfect finish. I got this at Walmart for $11 and I’m already on my third jar! Forever obsessed.<3


This is a product that’s somewhat unfamiliar to a lot of people. This is Tea Tree Oil and it’s just the Walgreen’s brand, but they all come in a little, brown jar like this one. You’ll find it in the first-aid section. Tea Tree Oil is used for alotta things, but I’ve been using it as a spot treatment and toner. Now, let me just say something real quick, this stuff stinks. Like, it has a vomit-inducing stench. It’s actually pretty horrendous and almost unbearable. One drop is going to stink up your whole apartment/house and make it smell like you’ve been hiding the dead carcass of little Johnny next door for the past 5 months. It smells. Are we on the same page now? hahah I would never use this stuff again if it didn’t give me such amazing results. Your blemish will be gone (or drastically less noticeable) by morning. I swear it to you. Once I had cleared up all of the little breakouts I had (I can thank my period for that), I began using it as a toner. I pumped some of my Olay moisturizer in my palm, added 3 or 4 drops of the Tea Tree Oil, mixed together, and applied all over my face. I haven’t had a breakout since! I believe it was around $11 and this quickly became one of my holy grail products (:


hahahah Okay, you guys. I’m aware this isn’t a beauty product. But, world, meet Rixton. I’m HUGE when it comes to pop culture and music and I know a good band when I hear ’em. These guys are new on the music scene, but you’ve probably heard their first single ‘Me and My Broken Heart.’ They’re an awesome band, plus, I’m not even gonna lie to you, I find them quite attractive. haha Go check ’em out!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed my April Favorites and I hope you’ll go out and purchase some of these products for yourself! Then maybe you’ll become as obsessed with some of these as me! It was awesome talkin’ to ya for a little bit today and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

XOXO, Megan (:



8 thoughts on “April Favorites! (:

  1. Awesome! Where did April go??

  2. Hey this was the very first cleanser i used haha !! 😀 It did great but then just as an experiment i switched to rosewater as my cleanser and it’s my new love ❤

    • Don’t you just love it? I’m obsessed. And I’ve heard SOO much about rosewater, I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile! Where do you get yours at?

      • well there’s a little shop near my house and this is the only thing they do … sell rosewater !!! when i first went there they extracted the water from roses before my very eyes !! 😀

      • Oh! Oh my gosh, I’m jealous! haha I wanna live next to a place that does that! I’ll have to figure out where I can buy some rosewater or order some online, so I can use it. Thank you for recommending it!!

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