Ulta Products Review!

Hey, Everyone! If you read my shopping haul post that I did just a few days ago, then you know that I recently bought some fun, little things at Ulta. So, today, I wanted to give you a more in-depth post about the products I bought, including plenty of pictures! Let’s get to it!


This is actually the same picture that I uploaded to my shopping haul post, but since I already tore off most of the packaging, I just wanted to include this one more time. These are the just the 6 little goodies I picked up at Ulta on Saturday. On the right is a Studio Basics beauty sponge and my plan for that is to actually go buy 4 or 5 more beauty sponges (there were a billion at Ulta!), gather them up, use them, and then give you guys a whole blog post just dedicated to that. I have a Beauty Blender from Sephora, but if any of you have one as well, you know they’re not cheap! Finding a dupe for that would be awesome, so I figured doing a post like that would be fun for all of us to kinda figure out together what’s good and what’s not! Also, if you haven’t checked out my Real Techniques Brush review, that’s what I did yesterday (:



This is the Maybelline Fit Me blush in Medium Coral. This is a really gorgeous, dark peachy color with just a little bit of shimmer in it. But, as you can see, it’s quite pigmented! More than I was expecting! The swatch on my hand is actually just one brush stroke… insane, I know. I’ve been using Fit Me blushes for quite a while now and I’ve never seen another one have the kind of color payoff that this one does, so a little will go a long way with this! I’ve only used this twice so far, but I think this will actually make a really pretty bronzer  for contouring my cheeks, so I’m excited to give that a go. This color would look beautiful on you stunning girls with a darker skin complexion, especially with the added shimmer in there. But if you have more of a porcelain complexion, this color might have the tendency to look more muddy (kind of dirty) on you gorgeous girls, so be careful with that!



This is the Nyx Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel and, ladies, I’m obsessed with the Butter Gloss line! And I’m not a big gloss fanatic, so it takes a lot to impress me! This goes on so smooth (like butter, imagine that) and the staying power is really great. I’m not constantly reapplying it like I am with most other glosses. Plus, the color is gorgeous and looks beautiful over matching lipstick. I also happen to think that the packaging is kinda cute and I’m a sucker for cute packaging! If you don’t have any Nyx Butter Glosses yet, I 100% recommend them! They’ve got a great color selection, plus they’re under $5 (:



This is also another Nyx product. This is in their Matte Lipstick line and it’s in the color Eden. I haven’t actually tried this lipstick out on my lips yet because I feel this is something just a little more fancy, but I’m already crazy about this color! It’s a gorgeous deep red, which is actually a color that I don’t own yet! Most of my reds are bright, instead of deep and darker. This color is something that’s gonna look amazing on every skin tone, so give it a try next time you’re in a makeup isle! Cody is actually the one who picked this out for me too, so girls, it’s already guy proven (;



And, last but not least, we’ve got some falsies! These are the Ardell lashes in Glamour. I’m not a fan of Ardell lashes at all, but I thought I’d give these a go. I find that this brand tends to fall apart suuuuper quickly and you can actually see in the bottom picture that the lash bent out of shape just by me taking it out of the package. Not impressive. I only managed to try on one lash before I wanted to take it off because I hate them so much! These Glamour lashes looked so horribly fake on me that I didn’t even bother putting them both on. I wish I would have taken a picture for you, but honestly, I just wanted this caterpillar off my face, because that’s what it looked like. So, basically as soon as I’m done writing this blog post, those babies are goin’ in the trash! Luckily, these weren’t expensive at all (I believe less than $5), so I’m not really missing out. When it comes to falsies, I always recommend getting a more high-end brand from a trusted company. That way you know they’ll work and you’re getting your money’s worth.

So, that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope you’ll go out and get some of these products to try out yourself! Not those Ardell lashes though. Don’t get those. haha Thank you so much for hanging out with me today and I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow!

XOXO, Megan (:

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