Gotta Have It or Live Without It: Real Technique Brushes!

ImageMorning, Everyone! Today I’ve got a Gotta Have it or Live Without It review for ya’ll! If you checked out my shopping haul that I posted yesterday, you know that I bought a few new goodies to add to my makeup chaos. Among those, I had purchased a Real Techniques foundation makeup brush. I have others at home as well, so I figured I had enough and have used them enough to give ya’ll an honest, put together review on them. So, here we go!

I know for a fact that Real Technique brushes are readily available at Ulta, because that’s the only place I’ve ever purchased them. But I do also believe they can be found at Target and maybe Walmart and a few select other stores. I’ve never actively looked around for them in any drugstores by my house, so I can’t be sure, but if you’re wanting to check some out, Ulta has them for sure!

Everyone who even has the slightest interest in makeup and beauty knows about Sigma and Mac brushes. And anyone who has a job in the beauty industry likely has a set (or two… or three….) of their own! Sigma and Mac brushes and literally the Holy Grail of makeup brushes, it just doesn’t get any better than that! I, personally, only have one Mac brush set (their eye brushes are the best!), but I swear by my Sigma brush sets. My Sigma brushes are my babies. Confession: I’m oddly attached them. It’s kinda strange. So, when I heard awhile back about Real Technique brushes, I was so excited to try them! I’d heard from several people that they’re a pretty close dupe to more high-end brushes. And not having to shell out $30 a brush sounded pretty fantastic to me! So, I hustled my butt to Ulta and picked up a few!

First off, I have to tell you guys, the price couldn’t get any better. It just can’t. You can find most of the Real Technique brushes for under $10 a brush! Let’s just bounce back to Sigma and Mac brushes and let me remind you real quick: most are over $30 a brush. You do the math! So, without a doubt, the price is my favorite thing about these brushes! You can’t beat it. Another thing that I’m pretty crazy about is how professional these brushes look. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for cute prints and I defiantly have got myself some chevron and animal print brushes layin’ around, but when I go to work on clients, it’s a necessity that my brushes look professional. These brushes achieve that look for me. They’re pretty basic, but not boring, and they’re easy to identify in a line-up. Another thing that I really enjoy is the feel of the brushes (is that weird?). Anyone who uses makeup brushes knows that having soft, but dense bristles are imperative. You need the softness so they don’t scratch and irritate your face, causing redness, but you need the denseness so the brushes can pick up product and evenly distribute and blend it over your face, as opposed to it just sinking in and absorbing into the bristles. So, looks-wise and feel-wise, Real Technique brushes get a pretty high score!

They’re really aren’t that many downsides, but the one I noticed was pretty major to me. Right away, within in my first few days of using these brushes, I saw that there was a lot of product build up on the brushes I used for liquid products. That leads to makeup not blending out right and, of course, build up leads to breakouts! Biiiiiiig problem for me. This can obviously be easily fixed by giving these brushes a good, thorough washing every day to every other day, but I don’t have that kind of time and I’m guessing most of you don’t either! So, while this might be a minor setback for some of you, it wasn’t a good thing for me.

Final Verdict? It really depends. The jury’s out on this one! When it comes to Real Technique brushes, I don’t think you’ll ever find another drugstore brand that gets the job done like these brushes do! They really are quite nice. Would I ever chose Real Technique brush over my Sigma and Mac brushes? Nope, probably never. But on days when I’m working on location, doing a lot of makeup for a lot of different people, I will always, always, always bring my Real Technique brushes with me! In that situation, the more brushes, the merrier! Not bad, not great, but would I repurchase? Yep! If money is an issue or you just simply need more brushes like I did, I think these are the perfect brushes for you! 

XOXO, Megan (:

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