Friday Chit Chat (:

Happy Friday, Everyone! I can’t even begin to tell ya’ll how amazing the weather is here in central Illinois! It’s honestly a little pathetic how happy I am about weather. Hope you guys are having awesome weather too, wherever you are! I took today and this whole weekend off from work to enjoy Easter with my friends and family, so today my boyfriend, Cody, and I just hung around the house and, of course, got outside to enjoy this sunniness! Today’s post isn’t gonna be anything too crazy, I just wanted to share a little bit of my life with ya’ll (: Enjoy!



There’s not much else that I enjoy more than waking up and eating breakfast outside on the patio while watching these two play ball in the yard! Little Grace runs so fast it looks like she’s flying. She’s like Super Dog! Ball is her favorite thing to play and she was absolutely lovin‘ this weather… all the animal were! Cuddles, the cat, is sunbathing behind me haha

After Gracie recovered from playing ball, we took these two fuzz-balls for a walk around the park. Lacie, the little black one, stopped to lick every single person we passed by. Luckily, we live in a neighborhood that loves dogs, so that wasn’t a problem! She was on cloud nine for sure!


While all the animals were sleeping from their exciting morning playin’ around in the sun, we got to cooking! We were following some recipe that we had just pulled up on the Internet and, as we were throwing the ingredients in the bowl, we realized that the recipe made 6 dozen cookies hahah So now we have about 70 cookies and we’re not exactly sure what to do with them all! It took us all afternoon, but they do actually taste really good! Plus, they’re Easter colors! 


While Cody was trying to finish homework, I was being my typical annoying self and bugging him (: And, if you’re wondering why Cody has a different shirt on in every single picture, it’s because he spills stuff on himself constantly. Yes, I’m dating a 5 year old. haha

So, that’s what most of my weekends off consist of! While I looove my work and my clients are the greatest people ever, sometimes I just need a few days off to recharge my battery, relax, and have fun. Today was perfect! Hope ya’ll enjoyed, talk to ya tomorrow! Have a great Friday!

XOXO, Megan (:

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