My Top 5 Shameless Girl Crushes

Hi, Everyone! Happy Wednesday! Only TWO more days until Friday and, if you’re like me, some of you probably have Friday off from work or school for Good Friday too, which means tomorrow is our Friday! I’ve got some free time this afternoon, so I wanted to do a longer post today. Hope ya’ll enjoy!

I’m gonna start off by saying that I am NOT a feminist. My every thought and daily actions aren’t consumed by things revolving around being a woman. Embarrassing Confession: I’m not even that lady-like. Seriously. I hate dressing up, I eat like a caveman (salads are my enemy), I much prefer beer over any fruity drink or wine, romantic movies make me wanna vomit, and inappropriate jokes make me laugh. My career with makeup is really one of the only things that makes me even remotely female. haha But I give credit where credit is due. Just like any other girl in this world, I’ve got some serious girl crushes. I don’t admire women because of how they look (although all of the women I’m about to talk about are drop-dead gorgeous), I admire women who aren’t perfect. And not just women, just people in general. I like people with character. People with a past. I love people with a story, who have flaws and rock them with their middle finger up. Those are my kinda people. With that being said, I wanna share with you guys my list of kick-ass women. Women that I love and look up too (and some, how should I say this…. some… just, not good women), so read on to find out which women I’m seriously, shamelessly, girl crushin’ on (and which women I just… kinda wanna crush)!

My 5 Shameless Girl Crushes

1) Jennifer Lawrence

How can you not completely adore this chick? She’s the very definition of genuine. If you don’t know much about her, YouTube her and watch some of her interviews, she’s hilarious. She’s REAL. That’s something you can’t find in celebrities anymore. She openly speaks out against bullying and the need to weigh 45 pounds. Plus, her new pixie cut? Gorgeous. I don’t know of any celebrity that cut her hair short, rocked it with this much confidence, and didn’t get extensions after 2 days (I’m lookin’ at you, Beyonce.) People compare me to Jennifer Lawrence all the time and that’s one of the best compliments ever to me. I’m best friends with Jennifer. She just doesn’t know it yet *insert creepy smile here*



2) Lorde. A.K.A Ella Yelich-O’Connor

Are you kidding me? How is anyone that naturally gorgeous? Is that even possible? She has to be from another planet. You will never catch this girl trying to “fit in.” She rocks her natural curls, pale complexion, and dark lipstick like it’s no one’s business. She owns who she is. She recently tweeted a picture of herself without any makeup on, zit cream and all! She wants everyone to know that it’s okay to be who you are. No one’s perfect. Not even someone who’s got her kinda lifestyle. She is just 17 after all. This is one teen that I think we can all agree we wouldn’t mind being on her team.


3) Ellen DeGeneres

I’m absolutely obsessed with Ellen. It’s actually quite pathetic. I don’t go a day without seeing her show. Everyone who knows me know that from 3 to 4 I am virtually unavailable. Her show just makes me happy. Hell, SHE just makes me happy. I love everything that this woman stands for. She practices what she preaches and she preaches kindness, loving on another, and accepting yourself wholeheartedly. I’m a big supporter of gay rights. One of my bestfriends since we were in 2nd grade just recently came out, so it’s very important to me that people try to love and accept one another. I think what Ellen is doing is amazing. She’s a Covergirl, hosted numerous award shows, won many awards for her own work, donates to amazing charities, and every single day on her show, she’s helping someone in need. She’s also a huge animal advocate, which as you all know, is extremely important to me as well. Plus, she’s freakin’ hilarious! Even on my worst days, I can temporarily forget about everything when I’m watching her show. I can’t rave about Ellen enough. I just love her!


4) Lupita Nyong’o

I don’t think you’ll ever find anyone more beautiful than Miss Lupita. She’s killin’ me! And her style? To die for. She could throw on a garbage bag and look flawless. Did ya’ll know that her first full feature film was ’12 Years A Slave’? Yeah, the one she scored an OSCAR for? This girl’s got some serious acting chops. And she’s so sweet. You just kinda wanna put her in your pocket and carry her around everywhere with you. She also often pays homage to where she’s from, she never forgets her roots. She’s the reason we all know it’s possible that, no matter you’re background, you can pursue your dreams and make a life out of it. She’s new in the Hollywood scene, but you better get yourself ready, because we’re about to be seein’ this incredible woman everywhere soon. And I can’t wait.


5) Melissa McCarthy

I have yet to see a movie, a t.v show, interview, or a cameo (SNL, anyone?) of hers that I haven’t absolutely died laughing in. She’s everyone’s favorite funny girl. Not to mention, she’s flawless. I love that she shows us all that there’s no such thing as “the perfect size.” so long are the days where size 0 is what girls strive for. I’d much rather look as gorgeous and as radiant as Melissa than some twig, unhealthy supermodel. She speaks out against bad body image and shows that it’s more than okay to be comfortable and confident with yourself. Plus, she’s got a lasting Hollywood marriage! Whaaaat?! Unheard of! Cheers to that, gorgeous girl!


These 5 women are someone that, if I ever have a little girl someday (highly unlikely since I hate small kids… which brings us back to the “I’m not that lady-like” argument), I wouldn’t mind my daughter looking up to them one bit. In fact, I’d encourage it. These woman are not only stunningly beautiful, but they all have amazing morals, they’re level-headed, and speak out about things that are important to them. There’s nothing more inspiring than women with a cause! I can’t wait to see what else these incredible people have in store for the future, but I just know it’s gonna be amazing. Thanks to them for showing us that there’s so much more to life than being perfect little twig bitches (honorary mention: Rebel Wilson, for playing Fat Amy and making everyone fall in love with her). We’re more than the number on the scale, flawless makeup, who we love, and where we came from. Of course, those all play in factor in who we are, but there’s more to us than that. The best part? I have a girl crush on all of them, but my boyfriend thinks they’re pretty kick-ass too. Keep on keepin’, ladies. We seriously love you.

XOXO, Megan (:

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