7 Makeup Myths!

Morning, Everyone! If you’ve read my blog post about how I got started in the beauty industry, you know that I’ve been at this for a very long time! So, of course, along the way, I’ve heard some pretty nutty things about makeup and skincare. Some false, some true, and some just plain confusing. So today, I wanted to go over some of those myths and give ya’ll the truth behind them!

Makeup Myth #1: Scrubbing harder will make exfoliating more efficient. Scrubbing harder will, in theory, exfoliate, but I wouldn’t use the word “better” here. We’ve all been there: you breakout, you scrub harder. But breaking out shouldn’t mean scrubbing out. All you’re ever going to achieve by scrubbing harder is a tomato red face (not cute), dry, tight skin (not cute), flaky skin (not cute), and your problem areas will be bigger, more red, and way more inflamed (also, not cute). Just don’t go there! Always apply a minimal amount of facial scrub, rub gently, rinse with warm water, and slather on your moisturizer.

Makeup Myth #2: Spritzing your face with water periodically throughout the day will freshen your makeup. All this is going to do is cake your makeup and make it run. Look at it this way: you wouldn’t expect jumping into a pool to “refresh” your makeup, would you? Always bring your powder or any other products you need with you if you’re worried about touching up. If you’re just rockin’ a moisturizer with nothing else on your face, spritz as much water on as ya want. But if you’ve got anything more than moisturizer on, don’t even think about it, missy.

Makeup Myth #3: You don’t need to wash off your makeup every night. Uh, yes. You do. There is absolutely nothing else in the beauty industry that makes me cringe more than the horrors of not washing your face at night. If you don’t wash your face nightly, all those products will get locked into your pores overnight and you’ll be seeing the side effects from that in just a few short days. Oh, and not only is it the makeup products that you used, but all the other dirt and bacteria you picked up throughout the day will just be sittin’ there on your face ready for attack. If you absolutely, 100%, positively, without doubt, for some reason just cannot wash your face, at least give your face a good scrub down with a facial wipe. I’m begging you! If there is only one thing that you take away from this post, please let it be this: WASH YOUR FACE NIGHTLY!

Makeup Myth #4: Makeup causes problematic skin. I know, I just scared the living daylights outta you with the paragraph above, but in actuality, makeup doesn’t cause breakouts…. poor hygiene does. Granted, every now and then you’re gonna stumble upon a product that’s going to cause a zit to pop up. That’s only because of your skin’s reaction to that certain product. Ditch it and try something else, problem solved! But using makeup everyday will never, in a million years, cause your skin to look worse than someone who doesn’t wear it. If you’re one of the lucky few who can go all natural every day, good for you! I’m jealous! But if the reason you’re avoiding makeup is because you think it will cause breakouts, don’t you worry your pretty striped head (shameless Hangover quote). Find products that work with your skin, find great facial cleansers, and you’re good to go!

Makeup Myth #5: You have to clean your brushes once a month. Are you kidding me? Seriously? Okay, let’s reread that sentence… clean your brushes once a month. Just ONCE? ONCE?! Once a month?! Okay, I’m done flipping out now. But, no, in all seriousness, you need to be cleaning your brushes on a weekly basis. Makeup brushes are pretty much a bacteria garden growing more and more every day. Now, of course for brushes you don’t use very often (example: I don’t wear eyeshadow every day, so I don’t wash my eye brushes once a week), you don’t have to follow this rule, But for foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, etc, once a week is an absolute must. Wash those brushes, ladies!

Makeup Myth #6: Start using eye creams young and use them often. There is absolutely no need for girls and young women to be using expensive eye creams. You’re not going to get wrinkles that young, I promise (unless you smoke, but that’s a whole other problem to tackle for another day). What I do recommend, however, is using a daily moisturizer. Rub your moisturizer in all over your face and down your neck and you’ll be set. If you’re still concerned about eye wrinkles, smooth a little extra moisturizer around your eyes. Using eye creams young is just going to be expensive with no added benefit. In fact, there isn’t actually much scientific evidence at all supporting that eye creams even really work. So, no matter what, buy them at your own risk and never expect immediate results.

Makeup Myth #7: Dark makeup exaggerates dark under eye circles. Have no fear, you can still rock your smokey eye with confidence because this just simply isn’t true. But, do keep in mind that, when wearing darker, more dramatic eye makeup, some extra precautions do need to be taken. You need to make sure you use an eye primer to hold all that eyeliner and shadow in place and, bonus beauty tip for ya, always run a concealer brush with a dab of concealer on it under your eye makeup to keep it in place. A little light reflecting concealer won’t hurt either. Set everything with powder and you’re good to go. I have pretty bad dark circles and I do a smokey eye all the time for special events, so don’t sweat it. You’ll look amazing.

Alright, folks, there ya have it! I hope this helped clear up any confusion you may have had about these crazy “facts” because they are, in fact, not true! In fact, as you just read, some can even be damaging to your skin (again: wash your face at night!). Thanks for talking with me for a little bit today and I’ll catch ya’ll later! Have a great day!

XOXO, Megan (:



2 thoughts on “7 Makeup Myths!

  1. lol i really used to think that makeup causes problematic skin xD

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