My Beauty Story

Hey, Everyone! Hope everyone is doing awesome and happy Wednesday! You know what that means… two more days until Friday! Today, as promised, I’m gonna share with ya’ll how I got my start in the beauty industry, so let’s jump right in (:

Before I get to my story, I just wanna tell ya’ll that the makeup artists I know are some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met and each one has his or her own story. So never be afraid to ask! You don’t get in this business for any other reason than you love it and you wanna help people feel amazing about themselves. I also wanna warn you that, if this is something you’re seriously considering, just know it won’t happen overnight. Most makeup artists, especially freelancers like me, started off doing things for free. You build from the ground up. You do a good job, people come back. You do a great job, other people follow them back. You do an amazing job, you’ll get paid. You do an incredible job, you’ve got yourself loyal clients! Be patient and never give up. Good things will come (:

Now for my story:

I’ve always been interested in all things beauty. I started (very crappily, I must add) putting on makeup to my family when I was around 3 or 4 years old. So, in other words, before I could even add or finish complicated sentences, I already knew and loved makeup and it only grew from there! Fast forward a few years to middle school. I was that crazy kid that rocked blue eye shadow up to her eyebrows and purple lipstick on the daily. The funny thing is, I was never teased by my classmates for it. In fact, they embraced it. It was just who I was. Fast forward just a little bit more to high school and that’s where my career really started…

I’m about to get real heavy with ya’ll for just one second, so stick with me! When I was a freshmen, I met a guy. Let’s call him “Aaron.” Aaron was a hot upperclassman and he was interested in little, old me. Girls were jealous and I loved the attention I was getting from this popular guy. I was a varsity cheerleader, class clown, and leader of various student groups… Aaron was an all-star basketball player, president of student groups, and one of the most popular boys in the school. Obviously, I was crushin’ hard. We hit it off right away and started dating. Everything started off smoothy. Then he changed. Things were great until they weren’t and, long story short, I turned to makeup to help cover up the bruises and cuts he had given me. This continued for two years so, naturally, I became quite amazing at covering up even the darkest bruises, blackest eyes, and deepest cuts. No one ever knew. Today, he’s left me with quite a few scars. But I can also credit him with kick-starting my amazing career. Update on good ol’ Aaron’s life: he’s now 24, lives in his parents’ basement, and works at Walmart. Karma, my ladies. It’s alive and well. (:

After Asshole Aaron was out of the picture, I began concentrating on makeup. I no longer had bruises I needed to cover up or black eyes I needed to be ashamed of, but I actually found that I loved makeup! I guess through my whole ordeal, it was my only source of comfort and enjoyment. I guess that stuck with me. My senior year rolled around and that’s when things really took off for me. I started getting paid for doing what I love to do and it’s only went up from there! Now I’ve got a phenomenal guy who I’ve been with for 4 years now. We move into our new apartment in just a few short months. (:

My start in the beauty industry was a little more depressing than most. Because of what I’ve been through, it’s of utmost importance to me that no girl ever feels like I felt. As long as I’m around, no girl will ever feel worthless, ugly, weak, or scared. No girl will ever look in the mirror and hate what she sees. With me, they will always have someone to turn to and always feel loved. Along with doing freelance makeup, I also do peer mentoring and give speeches sharing my story with others. Through my work, I have the ability to connect with people and there’s a certain comfort there and people have shared so much with me. Some of the best conversations I’ve had are ones where they’re sitting in a chair while I do their makeup. It’s a safe zone. It’s girl time. And I love it. I’ve struggled getting where I am today, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve join a really amazing group of girls and women: we’re survivors. And I’m so proud to be apart of something bigger than myself.

Thanks for listening to me today and I hope I inspired some of you to get out there a follow your dreams and passions! Have your goal in sight and don’t stop until you get there. Don’t let people tell you the sky’s the limit when there’s men on the moon.

Until next time, XOXO Megan 

P.S ~ If you’re going through a hard time, take it from me, it gets better. He’s my proof. 

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