Spring Must-Haves!

Morning, Everyone! Since it’s officially spring (all together now: yesssssssss!), I’ve complied a list of some spring essentials for you guys! To me, spring means happy, bright colors, minimal makeup, bold lips, and fun clothes! Oh, and the my favorite thing about spring? We’re that much closer to summer (:

My Spring Essentials:

Body Scrub. We all know the drill: as the weather gets warmer, the clothes get shorter! After being chained in jeans and long sleeves for winter, it’s time give some TLC to your skin, other than your face (which you should always be caring for!). If ya’ll are anything like me, your legs gets seriously neglected during the cold months. To be honest with you, you’re lucky if I actually shave. hahah TMI? Sorry! So when spring rolls around, I always find myself a great body scrub. To me, a body scrub is a body scrub. Find one that smells good and use it! You can even make them yourself, though if you don’t wanna do the DIY thing for this, I highly recommend Bath and Body Works and Lush for a wide range of choices. Use it after you shave or, in my case, weed-whack, for a silky-smooth feeling!

Bright Lip Colors. Now, I don’t care who you are, I am hereby making it mandatory that each and every one of you go out and buy yourself that bright lip color you’ve been drooling over this winter. Now is the time to try them! It doesn’t matter what color… pinks, tangerines, purples, oranges, fuchsia, whatever! Pick it up and give it a try. If you wanna go the drugstore route (which is what I typically do for day-to-day use) I recommend Revlon, Maybelline, and Nyx. Got some extra money to dole out? Hit up Mac for my favorite lip color range.


Setting Powder/Spray. The weather isn’t too warm yet, I get that. But those torrential downpours spring is known for? Yeah, your makeup probably won’t like that too much! I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t walk and carry all my things and carry an umbrella at the same time, so I never use umbrellas. My setting spray is my umbrella. haha I 100%, completely, totally, positively, recommend the Ben Nye Final Seal Setting Spray. I’ve been promising you all a review over this and I promise, it’s coming up this week! Just know that I love it and swear by it!

Fun Nail Polish. Whether it be nail stickers, DIY nail art, or just some bright, fun colors, try something happy this spring! Need inspiration? You can Google or, you know I’m going to say it, Pinterest for ideas (:

Self Tanner. I swear off tanning beds and spray tans like they’re atomic bombs, but tan in can (Yep, I came up with that off the top of my head. I’m giving Dr. Seuss a run for his money)? Swear by ’em! You can get gradual tans or you can get something that will appear overnight. For these, I always go the drug store route. It doesn’t matter where you get yours from, it’s going to make you tan, so there’s no sense in dropping extra bucks for no reason. I use Jergen’s tanning products myself, but I’ve had friends and clients tell me about Neutrogena’s, so I’ll probably give those a shot this year!

Flip Flops. Every girl’s favorite shoe. ❤

Fun Dresses. With boutiques becoming all of the rage lately (Time for a shameless plug: check out k2avenue.com!), fun, casual dresses are getting a reboot! I die over anything chevron and aztec and bright colors are kinda my thang. I’m short, so maxi dresses are a bit harder for me to wear, but does that stop me? Absolutely not! I’m not much of a dress wearer, but recently, I’ve actually found that dresses are extremely comfy. I don’t have to put on pants? What? Where can I sign up at?!

These are my spring essentials that I swear by and that I will be rockin’ until summer! I love spring and summer because there’s just something about it that makes my clients extra adventurous and ready to try new trends. Go bigger and go bolder with your look this spring, you never know what you’ll fall in love with next.

XOXO, Megan (:


2 thoughts on “Spring Must-Haves!

  1. henryfacebeauty

    Lovely post! I can’t wait for sundress season 🙂

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