Just Some Chit Chat (:

Hi, Everyone! This is just gonna be a really quick post tonight, just catching you guys up on a few things goin’ on with me (:

If ya’ll remember about a week ago, I mentioned in a blog post that my cousin had just started up an online boutique, K2 Avenue. Well, she finally got her website up and running and got her first shipment of clothes in! And, seriously, they’re adorable. I’ve already bought 5 things and she gets new shipments in really often… I’m in trouble. haha If you girls love aztec prints, chevron, bright colors, and cute accessories, you’ll find something you love! Promise! Until April 5th, she’s offering FREE shipping and 10% off, so get your pretty butts over there, check it out, and buy yourself somethin’ cute! You deserve it (:

Photo: We are happy to announce our first promotion!  Please share this post, and as soon as we get to 500 likes we will have a giveaway!  Get over to our site quick before your size is gone! We've posted new items!  Stay tuned for information on a possible upcoming open house also!

Speaking of cute things…. I was on Pinterest (shut it, I know I have a problem. haha), and I stumbled upon this reeeeally cute idea for homemade shoes! Uhmm, yes please! You just pick up a pair of canvas shoes at Walmart, fabric paint, studs, and fabric glue, which seems simple enough. I wish I could show the picture to ya’ll, but when I tried to copy and paste it, something weird happened, so there goes that idea! Anyway, of course, I’ll share the results with you guys! Even if it turns out to be the most horrid thing this world has ever seen.


Another thing I wanted to talk a little bit about was something one of my clients actually told me about. She’s in her early 30s and has struggled with acne since high school. Her breakouts aren’t severe at all, but she consistently has one or two bumps on her gorgeous face and everyone knows one zit is all takes for a mental breakdown sometimes. She was at Walgreens one day and found some tea tree oil, so she bought it just to give it a shot and she loved it! She said it cleared up her problem areas overnight. Anyone involved in the beauty industry has heard of tea tree oil before, but I personally had never tried it myself. Though I’ve wanted to! I’m gonna go out and pick some up tomorrow and give it a go. I just have one minor breakout on my chin right now that’s not really a problem at all, but I love me some new skincare products, so obviously, I’m gonna try it. haha If any of ya’ll have tried this yourself, let me know whatcha think! And, as always, I will have a review up about it as soon as I can (:

I’ve got some new reviews coming up and I wanna talk to you guys about some skincare lines as well, so stay tuned for that. That’s it for now, told ya it was gonna be short and sweet tonight! Thanks for hangin’ out with me for a little bit!

XOXO, Megan (:

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