Spring Hot or Not List!

Hey, Everyone! I hope ya’ll had a fantastic weekend and I hope you guys got some nice weather to enjoy finally! It was great weather here in good ol’ central Illinois this weekend, I was seriously lovin’ it. And it came at sucha great time for the high school in my town. They were having a Spring Fling type dance on Saturday, so I was busy doing a whole buncha girls’ makeup and helping them to feel like a more dolled up version of their already beautiful selves. That’s what I got into the beauty industry for, to help girls feel amazing about themselves, so I had a blast seeing all their smiles. As the weather keeps getting warmer and warmer, we know Spring has officially arrived, so I wanna start something new today: my own, personal, hot or not list!

FULL DISCLAIMER: These are my own personal opinions that I want to share with you guys in an honest and humorous way. I’m not meaning to insult anyone and I think you’ll even find that most of you can share in my opinions.

Hot or Not? The No-Makeup Makeup Trend: HOT! I lovelovelove this look and it’s something that I sport almost on the daily. When my boyfriend sees me get ready on the weekends (he stays in bed way later than I like to, lazy bum!), he always laughs at how many products I use just to look like I haven’t used anything. But the thing I can’t stand about this look? Girls who claim they actually aren’t wearing makeup (example: look at most celebrities’ Instagram accounts). Honey, I can clearly see your mascara, blush, contouring, and lip balm. Don’t play me like that. You’re not foolin’ anyone.

Hot or Not? Tan Skin: NOT! I know some of you are probably confused by this, but I’ve seen one too many spray tans and tanning bed endeavors gone wrong. My fragile heart can’t take much more. We all know that one girl who apparently goes to get a spray tan and orders Oompa Loompa. Oh, and not to mention the toll tanning beds can take on your skin. As someone who has struggled with skin cancer (and I’ve never stepped foot in a tanning salon a day in my life), I take it personally when someone who is close to me still uses them. When summer comes rollin’ up on us, I wanna share my skin cancer story with you guys and I hope it will raise awareness with some of you. Until then, I say EMBRACE THE PALE!

Hot or Not? PDA: HOT! I sounded like a total creep for calling that hot. haha I don’t sit there and stare at other couples, I promise! But I do feel that a little PDA is perfectly harmless! Grabbin’ your guy’s arm when you’re with your friends is a sure-fire way to let him know you care. You’re showing him off in a sense, and what guy doesn’t like his ego boosted by that? A kiss, hug, holding hands, even a smack on the ass? Great! Making out, shamelessly groping, hands in pants, dry humping? Not okay! I don’t wanna witness a  baby being made. Get a room.

Hot or Not? Designer Dogs: (Obviously) NOT! I hope you all agree with me on this one! Ya’ll know that there isn’t a dog out there who can’t melt my heart and make my crumble to my knees, but if I see one more celebrity flaunting around a $9,000 teacup dog in a $3,000 doggie sweater, in their $46,000 purse, I will vomit. Who the hell do you think you are that you’re apparently too good to adopt a dog from a shelter? Let alone, a dog that isn’t handheld. Now, don’t get me wrong. My shih tzu isn’t from a shelter. I got her from a breeder and I love her very, very, very much. But my other 4 dogs were all proudly adopted and I love being a momma to all of them. Designer dogs are cute, but you’ll never know love until you look into the eyes of a shelter dog and take them home with you.

Hot or Not? Diets: Let me scream this at you… NNNNNOOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Diets? Girl, no. You’re so much better than that. Unless you have a serious weight problem (which, in that case, I 100% condone seeing your doctor for a plan that will work best for you!), don’t fall into this trap. There’s way too many insane diets out there: the nothing but liquid diet, the no carb diet, the tapeworm diet, the baby food diet… Uhh, no. Just no. I can’t. I’ve done the diet route (and I was nowhere near being overweight) and it turned into an eating disorder for me. I NEVER want any of you to do that to yourself. You’re beautiful already. Just get some (fun) exercise in and you’re set!

Hot or Not? Experimenting with New Makeup Trends: HOT! Ya know what? I don’t give a crap if you go out lookin’ like a straight-up clown. You TRIED! That is absolutely all that matters to me. I’ve found that most makeup artists have that same opinion as me. Wanna try teal eye shadow all the way up to your eyebrow? Do it. Found a gorgeous new plum lipstick that might not work with your skin tone? You make it work. Never tried intense eyebrows before? Get on YouTube and learn how. Love wearing a dramatic cat eye with orange eyeliner, purple eye shadow, mint green lipstick, and cheery blush? You get out there and ROCK that shit, girl. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t. Don’t limit yourself. Ever.

So, there ya have it, my little hot or not list! I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you guys make your own list, let me know so I can go check it out! Thanks for spending some time with me today, talk to ya later!

XOXO, Megan (:


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