Galaxy Nails!

Hi, Everyone! Happy Friday! I did my nails last night and my initial plan was to do a Mani Monday post for ya’ll when Monday rolled around, but then I quickly realized that there’s no way my nails would last all weekend without getting chipped. haha So, here we are! This is Mani Monday… Friday Edition!

This is the ever-popular galaxy nail! I first saw this on Pinterest (I know, that’s where I get all my ideas. haha), and ever since then, I’ve really wanted to try it out. I didn’t actually expect it to work out as well as it did though. I know, it could have turned out a lot better, but I’m very pleased with the end results!

Before you start this, I just wanna let you know that this is NOT something that you’ll be able to get done in a matter of minutes, so defiantly don’t do this just before you go out. This manicure is fairly simple, though it’s time-consuming, and it’s all about layering your colors. All you need is a black polish, as well as few polishes to layer with, and a cosmetic sponge. For your layering colors, you can pick whatever colors you want! For mine, I choose pink and teal.

Black is gonna be your base color, but whenever you paint your nails with a dark color, always make sure you start with a base coat to prevent stained nails when you take off your polish. After you apply your base coat and your base color (the black polish), then you start your layering! You’ll take your cosmetic sponge, hold it to the top of the nail polish bottle, turn it upside down to get the polish onto the sponge, and then dab that sponge on the nail. By doing that, you’ll get a really sheer, kinda splotchy color, which is what you want! Go over every nail and then repeat with your other layering colors. You really can layer as many colors as you desire, but be super careful with that because if you layer too many, it’ll just look brown. Not cute. haha That’s why I only recommend doing two or three colors. And once you’re done adding your colors, you can even add some glitter like I did… no manicure is complete without glitter. (: 

I really hope you guys try this out soon! I’m seriously lovin’ it and I hope you love it too! Let me know whatcha think!

XOXO, Megan (:


4 thoughts on “Galaxy Nails!

  1. Renata Ikonora

    Ahhh, that’s so pretty! I want to bad to do my nails but only on sunday, haha! I want to test a new nail polish I bought (Brazilian brand, , though)! 🙂

    • Thank you!! I 100% recommend you try this out! I think you’ll love it (: Regardless of what you decided to do, post a picture on here so I can see your new nail polish! I’m a nail junkie. haha

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