Blogging From Florida! <3

Guess where I am! FLORIDA! I’ll be here for a week (until next Sunday!), so my blog posts are gonna be a little lacking this week, but I’ll try to get on as much as I can! I’m sure I can squeeze you guys in my busy scheduale somewhere (; I’m so excited to be away from crappy central Illinois weather for a week and I wish I could bring ya’ll with me! I’ll bring back some sun (: Regardless of where you’re reading this from, I know we can all agree that this winter has been horrible. So, I hope you get to do something fun and warm for your spring break or get to take a little time off work for a sunny vacation, we could all use it!

While I have your attention though, I do wanna share some even more exciting news with you: my cousin and her friend have finally started their dream of creating an online boutique! They’re juuust starting it up, so they’re still gathering inventory (they ask for your opinion every step of the way!), but they’ve got some really cute, fun, bright stuff! It’s called K2 Avenue and they have clothing and accessories are available at fantastic prices! This is their Facebook link, so be sure to like their page and share it on yours! Let’s all help someone achieve their dream today and make it bigger than they ever thought possible. (:

Thank you guys so much! Sending warm thoughts your way! XOXO

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