DIY Coffee Mugs!


I got a little DIY on the blog for ya today… these “hello, handsome” and “good morning, gorgeous” coffee mugs!

This project was definitely more time consuming than my DIY makeup brush holders (if you haven’t checked out that post yet, you should! cute and easy!), but, since I already had sharpies, the only thing I had to actually go out and purchase were the two mugs. So, this was cheaper than the brush holders, but a little more difficult in my opinion.

The only materials you need are coffee mugs (however many you want), sharpies, and an oven and you’ve got yourself a one-way ticket to gettin’ crafty! You’ll want to do some research first to find a cute phrase or picture if you don’t have any ideas already and then pick out the colored sharpies you want to use. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees and get to writing on your mugs!

Ya know, it’s funny: I naturally have good handwriting and I was a cheerleader in high school, so I had that kind of pretty writing for writing on signs and stuff, but I actually found writing and drawing on these mugs to be difficult! It’s just awkward to try to write on something that isn’t flat… haha So, my handwriting definitely came out slanted and not very good, but you get the point!

Anyway, once you’re done writing/drawing on your mugs and your oven is all preheated, go a head and stick ’em in there for about 15 to 20 minutes and, this part is very important, once the timer goes off, you can shut off the oven, BUT LEAVE YOUR MUGS IN THERE WHILE THEY COOL DOWN! For example, I did this project right before I went to bed, so I just left the mugs in the oven to cool all night and took them out in the morning. Leaving them in there to cool down will help seal the sharpie into the mug and, that way, it will never wash off or fade. (: And, I promise, you can still wash them!

This is a super cheap, relatively easy DIY project and it’s perfect for anniversaries and birthdays! I made these for my boyfriend’s birthday and also as a sort of house-warming thing for ourselves because we’re moving into our new apartment this summer… he loved them and drinks out of his almost every morning! I 100% recommend tryin’ this out, you’ll love it!

Good luck, have fun, and go get crafty! (:

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