Exciting News!

Ahhhhh! You guys! Guess what?! I finally figured out how to add my “About Me” page! I know, ya’ll are probably like, “Seriously? That’s it?” because this is not exciting news compared to other news, but I was freakin’ confused about everything and now I’m finally starting to find my footing. It’s a great feeling, really. haha Just try to remember back to your first days of blogging… I’m seriously ecstatic right now! Anyway, I put up a really basic “About Me” page, along with a photo album type thing and some contact info. So, if you guys wanna get to know me better, head on over to my page to check it out! The tabs are at the very top left of my blog. (:

And thank you to everyone who gave me advice and helped me out!!

One thought on “Exciting News!

  1. Woohoo, that’s great 🙂

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