DIY Makeup Brush Holders!

DIY Makeup Brush Holders!

Ladies, I KNOW ya’ll feel me on this: there’s nothing that’s a bigger pain in the butt than trying to get ready in the morning and (I don’t know about you, but for me, that usually consists of being half asleep in a pre-caffeine daze) trying to put on your makeup and struggling through the masses to find the brush you’re looking for. Taking to Pinterest to solve this problem (I’m a Pinterest addict!), I stumbled upon all these suuuuuper cute ideas for DIY makeup brush holders! Brimming with new ideas, I got myself to Walmart to buy the few things I needed.

All you need in order to do this yourself are cute glass holders; marbles, rocks, or beads of some kind; ribbon in any color; some hot glue; and a little bit of time! As I mentioned, I picked up all of my supplies at Walmart. I got my square glass jars for less than $4 each, my ribbon for less &1, and then my marbles (those ones with the flat-ish bottom, usually seen in fish bowls haha) for less than $2! Since mint green/seafoam green is my favorite color, I stuck to that color scheme and got my ribbon and marbles in those colors.

The assembling part is SO EASY, you won’t believe it! All you do is tie your ribbon around and hot glue it accordingly. If you wanna tie a bow like I did, even better (: Give them some time to cool down (pleeeease be careful, I burnt myself several times! haha) and then you put your marbles, rocks, or beads in and, bada bing bada boom, your DIY makeup brush holders are done! The marbles or whatever else you choose, are gonna help keep your brushes standing up and a little bit separated instead of just cluttering all together. And I have to tell ya, this has made my morning routine sooo much easier!

Best of luck and happy creating! (:

4 thoughts on “DIY Makeup Brush Holders!

  1. This is how I store my brushes too! Found the stuff at the dollar store and it’s worked out well 🙂

  2. hahaha oh my gosh, I literally did the exact same thing. the struggle is real. lol

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